HOLD ME Countdown – Twelve Big Puppies

25 Days to Release Day!


In my book, the hero, Luc Vasco, has a Newfoundland dog named Spot.  Spot is female, very protective, and quite large.

In honor of Spot, I wanted to tell you about some friends of mine.  They, too, cohabitate with a female Newfoundland.  Her name is Athena.

They also share their home with a male Bernese Mountain dog.  His name is Paladin.

One spring, with the blessing of my friends, romance bloomed between Athena and Paladin.  A young man’s fancy turned to love and after a suitable interval Athena found herself in the family way.

My friends were happy.  Paladin was happy.  Athena wasn’t too thrilled, but she was resigned.

Paladin was a somewhat elderly gentleman, so my friends were expecting maybe two or three puppies.  Four puppies tops.

They got twelve.

Twelve big puppies.

Athena popped them out like Pez.  And then came the realization that the poor thing just didn’t have enough spigots to feed all of them.  Here’s what it looked like when she would go into the whelping box to make the attempt.

Mass hysteria.  Athena was patient and did her best, but there just wasn’t enough of her to go around.

And so the babies were bottle-fed.  Friends and family were drafted into service to make sure all mouths were satisfied.  It worked.  The babies were astonishingly healthy, and cute as little black buttons.

Their father was very proud of himself. (“Yeah? Who you calling old now? Suckers…”)

And the puppies grew.

Soon they were almost as big as Athena, but that didn’t stop them from trying to nurse.

I’ll bet there are some mothers out there wincing at this picture.

The puppies thrived.  And they grew.  And grew.

And they are all beautiful. And big.

Now I can’t think about Spot without picturing her with twelve puppies hanging off her…body.  She’d probably be a pretty good mother, too.

Except if she knew that I even THOUGHT about giving her twelve puppies, she’d come for me in my sleep.  After all, she saw what Athena went through.




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