HOLD ME is live! Again!

Well, I am both happy and relieved to let you know that, in between shoveling the massive amounts of snow falling on the Palatial Horvath Estate over the last week or two, I was able to set up everything I needed to re-release my first book, Hold Me.

That’s right – the book that launched me on my author journey lives again! I actually got the rights for it back at the beginning of 2020, but then, well… 2020.

But now it’s finally out again as an ebook and a paperback.  The ebook should be available on most stores as I write this post. The paperback takes longer to get into the system so it’s still percolating through. But soon it will be available for purchase, download, or order pretty much everywhere.

If you already have the edition of this book that was originally published by Carina Press…. thank you!! I did scrub up the text a little bit, and changed the cover, but basically it’s the same book it was before.

Here’s the information –

Everything can change in an instant…

Katie McCabe’s life might be stuck in idle these days, but she dreams of more. More love. More excitement. Just more.

When FBI Special Agent Luc Vasco’s undercover assignment blows up in his face, he finds himself running for his life. Injured in the escape, Luc makes a decision that could change Katie’s world forever. And his own.

Suddenly both Luc and Katie must deal with far more excitement than either of them ever expected.

Just one moment sets the pair on the adventure of a lifetime, and a journey neither one could predict. In Hold Me, sizzling romantic suspense, sassy humor, and lots of heart combine in a non-stop race to love.

Click HERE to read the first chapter

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Amazon  |   coming soon to other retailers (it really is–I promise)

There’s also an audiobook for this one because it was produced when it was originally published. Even though the rights have reverted back to me, the audiobook will still be available until the end of 2021. It doesn’t include any of the changes I just made, but, like I said, those changes were relatively minor, as far as I know.

I honestly haven’t listened to it myself–it was too strange hearing someone else reading my words–so I can’t comment on production quality or anything like that. But I thought I’d mention it exists because it won’t be offered anymore once the contract ends. At least for now. Audiobooks aren’t exactly cheap to produce!  LOL

Audible  |  iTunes  

And, in case you couldn’t guess from the blurb, this book is a romantic suspense and it is not a part of my Welcome to Hardy Falls series… Yet!

Now I just have to find my notes of how I thought I was going to continue the series… Hmmm…  But first–back to Hardy Falls!

Anyway… hooray! Hold Me lives again! Woohoo!

And, oh my glory, please make it stop snowing!!! And sleeting!!!! And icing!!!

Be careful out there!

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