Writing Catch Up

Hello, friends!  This is just going to be a quick-like-a-bunny post about my writing and where things stand at the moment. Because, you know, I actually do write. I just haven’t proven it much lately.

I’ll be honest with you, the past year has been very difficult for me in lots of ways. Shocking, I know. And one of the most difficult parts for me personally was the impact the stress of the year had on my creative life. Let’s just say that with everything else going on, I lost my creative mojo for a little while.

Okay, I lost it for a long while. But I’m starting to take baby steps forward again.

At the end of last year, I began taking courses to upskill in various areas related to writing and publishing. I’ve learned how to create my own book covers, so in the next month or so all of the books I have out currently will get new covers and blurbs (most of them are already done). I will also release them all as paperbacks as well as ebooks. And I expect to release them as large-print hardbacks in the near future, too. Well, as soon as I figure out how to do a hardback dust jacket.

I’ve gotten the rights back for my first book, Hold Me, so I will be re-releasing that by the end of the month with a new cover. It will also be released as a paperback as well as an ebook.

More information on all of that to come in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve written a new Hardy Falls short story for the next newsletter. It’s a Christmas story taking place after the events of Expecting Love, and I’m only a month late getting it out! Woohoo! If you want to read it, and you’re not a newsletter subscriber already, you can sign up here. This particular newsletter will be going out on Tuesday, but don’t worry. If you miss it, you’ll get a link to the newsletter archive with past stories. And there will be more stories and novellas coming for the newsletter subscribers in the future.

The next Hardy Falls book, Marrying Love, is almost finished. Really. Promise. I’ve had some severe writer’s block with this book, so it’s been hard going. That’s probably because I was well underway with it when the pandemic swept in and the world suddenly changed. But I’ve decided to party like it’s 2019, so it’s actually moving forward again.

And I have some new projects I’m working on, too. One is a fantasy romance novel, because this seemed like a good time to go into the paranormal. I’m also looking at turning some of the blog posts here into a book. I believe Harry the Quest Guide will approve! I’ve started considering the plot for the sequel to Hold Me. And, of course, more Hardy Falls books and stories are in the works.

Oh, and writing more blog posts.

So, anyway, there’s my writing catch up! More info on the various projects to come as things develop. And I hope that you all have a good week!

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