Traveling Time

I just got back from spending a longish weekend with my sister, brother-in-law and niece. Since they live about 400 miles away from me, and are pretty rural, flying is not a good option. That meant a lot of traveling time.

It’s about an eight hour drive each way, but I don’t usually mind too much once I get going. Don’t get me wrong – BEFORE I go, I’m a total wreck. But once I’m out on the highway I settle down until I hit traffic or construction.

I spend the first hour on the road wondering if I have the correct emergency contact information in my wallet, or why I didn’t remember to make a Will before I left, or if I remembered to pack all my prescriptions. Then the hypnotism of the road takes over and I move to another mental place.

I find it very useful to travel alone like this every so often. It gives me an enforced break from the world for a day – kind of like when the power goes out or I get snowed in. As I drive, I tend to think about a lot of different things, listen to books or music, or just be with myself.

This trip I thought a lot about my writing and my life, my goals and where I was going. I thought about getting older and what my expectations are of myself. I thought of what other people think of me and how much or how little that matters. I thought about where I want to go and how I want to get there. It was nice.

I miss my sister and her family, and I’m glad to be home again among the familiar surroundings. It’s a long drive and I’m still aching from the effects of being behind the wheel for that long. But I did very much enjoy my traveling time.




  1. Margie Shepherd says

    Love it when I make one of your blogs! So glad I could help by being so far away, and REALLY you should try to be here when we get snow and lose electricity for a week minimum – it’s a whole ‘nother world of deep thinking!! Glad to see the John Denver clip too, Thanks for updating my computer while you were here!

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Margie Shepherd: The John Denver clip was for you, babe! And it’s not losing the electricity as much as losing the septic system that would cause some deep thinking LOL 😀

  2. you could drive out here ya know…..just saying.

  3. you wont know until you try…..

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