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Naming Babies

When pregnancies crop up among my friends and co-workers I, as an author, feel that it is my obligation, nay, my duty, to help come up with names for the babies. As far as I know, none of my suggestions have ever been chosen by the parents, but I remain ever hopeful.

It has occurred to me that it might be time to provide a similar service to readers of my blog, in case any of you are in need of a baby name. In addition, I thought that if I marketed my baby naming services, I might be able to turn it into a lucrative sideline. Good, eh?

Does It Need To Be Fun?

The original title of this post was “It Should Be Fun”. I was planning on talking about how writing needs to be enjoyable. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that wasn’t quite what I believe.

It’s not that writing shouldn’t be fun. It’s that “fun” is too weak a word for what writing is. And writing is not always “fun” in the “it’s party time” sense. I don’t think it should be.

Not Every Idea Is A Good Idea

Sometimes I am a strange mixed up mess of a girl. I know this shocks you – especially if you know me in “real” life. But it’s true. Sometimes I can’t remember whether or not I put on pants that morning. Monday I looked at a water bottle I use to spray the plants and wondered who had filled it. Since I live alone with cats, the answer would seem obvious. But I could not for the life of me remember filling it. And if you call that a “senior moment” I’ll have to track you down and hurt you.

“Titus Andronicus” With Spoilers

I’ve been listening to the audio book for Simon Schama’s A History of Britain, and it made me think of my favorite British subject – Colin Firth. No, no – I’m kidding. I mean William Shakespeare. Really. Shakespeare.  Uh, yeah.

Anyway, I find it comforting to remember that even the glorious Mr. Shakespeare wrote some real oinkers in his time.  As a favor to budding authors, playwrights and English majors everywhere, I thought I would offer up a summary of one such play today – “Titus Andronicus”.  Let it be known that staid English professors across the land have made it their career goal to prove that Bill never wrote this play.  But since they can’t prove that Bill actually wrote ANY of his plays, I feel we can assume it belongs to him and he’s just going to have to own it.

Relationship Crisis



Hello, is anybody there?

*crickets chirping*

Blogosphere? Are you there? *clicks tongue* Here Blogosphere! Come here, little Blogosphere! Sweet little Blogosphere…

Excuse me, but did you really just call me like you would call a dog?

Oh, Blogosphere! There you are.

So, are we talking again?

Of course we’re talking! When were we not talking?

How about for the last two or three weeks.

I talked to you. I posted regularly and I was on Facebook and Twitter and–

I don’t give a crap about Facebook and Twitter.