Coffee Talks



Mind if I sit here?

Go ahead.


So, um, can I ask you what you’re doing in my blog?



Soooo, what are you doing in my blog?


I can see that. Who are you anyway?

I’m Coffee. Duh.



Well, what in the heck are you doing sitting in my blog?


Waiting? For what?

A poem. A word. Something.

You want me to–

I mean, I wake you up every morning. I keep you awake all day. When you don’t think you can face the world, I’m right there for you. And what do I get in return? Nothing.

I wrote you an ode

Yes, you wrote an ode. Weeks ago you wrote an ode. Then nothing. No call. No note. No mention on Facebook or Twitter.

Well, I–

You don’t bring me flowers. You don’t sing me lovesongs. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.


All you do is take me for granted. But do I complain? No.


I tried to get your attention. I started ripping up your stomach from the inside. But all that did was make you turn away from me.


I don’t think you even SEE me anymore. I don’t think you even know I exist. I don’t think you…love me.

You’re wrong! You’re wrong, Coffee! I know I’ve been writing poems to Social Media

Yes. I saw.

–but I still love you. You know how much I love you. You know how I depend on you. You’re my best friend, my dearest companion.


Just…just don’t leave me. Don’t leave me alone! Don’t leave me to face my old uncaffeinated self! Don’t go!


Please. Please don’t go…..please.

Well…okay. If it means this much to you, I’ll stay.

Thank you. *sob* And you won’t rip up my stomach anymore?

I can’t make any promises. I am who I am and you have to accept me.

Oh, Coffee. I do accept you. I do. I’ll just take antacids.

Fair enough.


Oh, Coffee. I’m so glad we’re friends again.

Me too. Wait. Let me add the…milk.


  1. How true, how true! I love it! 🙂

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