Social Media: The Poem

As social media in all of its many, many, MANY forms has become a major part of my life, I, naturally, felt the urge to write a poem about it. And I am happy to present this fine work of literature to you, my dearest, closest friends.

PS – note the colon in the title of the poem. When I was an English major we rocked the place if we put colons in the title of anything.

PPS – please feel free to set this to music if you’d care to.  I think it calls for heavy metal.



Social Media:
A Short Song of the Internet

by Betsy Horvath


On Facebook I stare at my wall
and wonder if I know you all.

I go to Twitter, thence to tweet
of what I wear and what I eat.

I think I’ll grab a book or two,
then head to Goodreads to review.

My blog post page is blank and white
I’ve not a clue of what to write.

I’ll visit other blogs instead
and comment there on what was said.

Then check on my email accounts
(between the five I tend to bounce).

Social media is good, it’s true
To keep in touch with all of you.

But writing I have nothing done
Except the poem I have just spun.

So I guess I’d better go turn the internet off now.


Thank you.


  1. I love it!!!!!

  2. So true, Betsy! Well said!

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Maureen: I’m not sure I can handle another social media channel. My little brain is full to the brim and it’s going to explode!!

  3. Charlotte says

    Hi Besty!
    May I please borrow Your poem for an English assignment in giving to my students? I’ll of course give you credit, and put you name on the paper:)

    • Betsy Horvath says

      Hi, Charlotte! Thank you so much for asking! Yes, it’s fine if you’d like to borrow my poem to use for your students. I’m glad you liked it, and I appreciate the credit! 😀

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