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Birthin’ Galaxies

starsPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy suffered a bit of a meltdown on her path to indie authorpreneurship and was sidetracked by her deep and passionate love of baked goods.  When last we met, Harry, the white gerbil who is the Guide for her Quest, lectured Betsy quite severely about the importance of maintaining her health.  He was very stern.

 But he was right.

It’s been a little quiet here at the blog since then, but Betsy and Harry are back now.  As we join them, they are laying in a field inside Betsy’s mind, gazing up at a beautiful night sky.

Taken To The Woodshed

woodshedPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

As we saw in the last post, Betsy has apparently fallen into the den of her own iniquity by eating inappropriately for her diabetic condition.  Again.  In a big way.  When Harry, the Guide for Betsy’s Quest, and the Muse discuss this, Harry promises to have a little chat with Betsy.  After all, she needs to know that ignoring the reality of her body’s health impacts everything else.  Once that sugar/fat/chemical combo starts zinging around in her bloodstream, her life goes right out the window.