Birthin’ Galaxies

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Betsy suffered a bit of a meltdown on her path to indie authorpreneurship and was sidetracked by her deep and passionate love of baked goods.  When last we met, Harry, the white gerbil who is the Guide for her Quest, lectured Betsy quite severely about the importance of maintaining her health.  He was very stern.

 But he was right.

It’s been a little quiet here at the blog since then, but Betsy and Harry are back now.  As we join them, they are laying in a field inside Betsy’s mind, gazing up at a beautiful night sky.

Wait…a field?  Inside Betsy’s mind?  What the….  Let’s go see what’s going on now….


*Betsy settles more comfortably into the lush, fragrent grass of the field*  *Laces fingers across her stomach*  *Gazes with rapture at beautiful night sky*  *Stars twinkle*  *Aurora borealis dance*  *Galaxies spin*

This is so beautiful!

I know it, doll.  *Harry stretches out beside Betsy, all four paws in the air* *Tail curls up to preserve his dignity*

I can’t believe this is inside my mind.  *Betsy watches a shooting star*

You knew.  You don’t always let yourself see it is all.  *Harry curls forepaws*

I don’t understand.

This is where your ideas come from, kid.  It’s like the, whatyacallit, freaking well of creation or something.


*Betsy and Harry watch the sky*  *Crickets chirp*

I hope there are no spiders crawling around underneath me.  Or earwigs.  *Betsy shudders*

It’s your brain.  *Harry shrugs*  Could be anything.



So, this is where ideas are born?  *Betsy puts her hand up to see if she can touch a star*

Yup.  And dreams and visions and all that kind of crap.

It seems so real!  *Betsy breathes deeply*

It IS real.

*Betsy turns head to look at Harry*  Come on.  This is inside my mind, for Pete’s sake.

*Harry shrugs again*  Doesn’t matter.  All of this *waves paw* is right there inside you.  It’s not an illusion.  It’s real.

Wow.  *Betsy thinks*  Then how come things don’t just happen because I want them to happen?

Well.  *Harry itches chin with forepaw*  See, that’s the thing.  Just because something is real, doesn’t mean it exists, like, in the world.

*Betsy blinks*  Huh?

So this *Harry gestures at sky* is true.  And you know it’s true.  But the stuff in this place hasn’t actually happened yet.  So, it’s true, but it might not actually exist.

*Betsy blinks*  Huh?

*Harry sighs*  In other words, all of this is waiting for you to like, birth it.

*Betsy sits up*  I ain’t birthin’ no galaxies.

*Harry sits up and looks at her*  Yes you are.  Whenever you get an idea and make it happen, you’re birthing something from here.

Huh.  *Betsy thinks*  Huh.  So, not just with my writing, but like when I come up with a plan of how to get out of debt, or how to lose weight, or…

Or time management or a new business or anything.  *Harry smiles*  It’s from here.  And when you actually DO it, you’re bringing that part of this place into the “real” world.  I mean, yeah, of course with your writing where you’re creating people who haven’t existed before, but with everything.


But *Harry waggles a paw at Betsy*  Your problem is you come up with a plan or make a decision and then you think it’s done.  Because you can see it here where it is very clear and real and true.  But you still have to DO the thing.  You know?

Hmmm.  *Betsy thinks*  So you’re telling me that even though I make a plan of how I’m going to eat and be healthy, or how I’m going to manage my time, and it’s very clear and I know that it’s right and true and all, I still have to do it?  It’s not done just because I’ve made a decision?

Exactly.  *Harry nods*  You still have to birth it so it kind of shines from this place into the “real” world.

*Betsy lays back in the grass*  Well, that sucks.

Yeah.  Tell me about it.  *Harry lays back down next to her*

It sure is pretty here though.  Lots of galaxies.  And…ooooo!  A nebula!


Let’s just lay here and look at it for a while.

All right.  *Harry looks at Betsy sternly*  But then you need to get out there and get birthin’



To be continued…






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