As you may have guessed from the pain the Muse experienced on Sunday, I’ve been working on the ending for my current book. You wouldn’t think the end would be a problem in a romance novel. After all, in a romance the man and the woman get together. Period. And yes, that’s the case. But the […]

10 Reasons Why I Love Romance Novels

    So, I kind of decided that I’m probably going to give up reading romance novels for Lent. I usually try to give up something I like for Lent, but this year it was hard because I’ve already changed a lot of stuff. There just wasn’t much left. After some thought, I decided to […]

Prince Charming

I read a lot of romance novels. I think we’ve established that already, right? Right. Anyway, I’ve decided that one of the things I find the most irksome in a romance novel is when the hero is too perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I hate a perfect heroine too. But usually the author will try […]

Some Romance Authors I Read

As you may, or may not, know, I own well over 2,000 books. And I’d say that about 1200-1300 of them are romance novels. Have I read them all, you ask? Pretty much. And I’ve actually read more than I own because I periodically feel that I have too many books and try to divest […]

What’s So Scary About Romance?

You know, when I decided to concentrate on writing romance, I had absolutely no idea that I was threatening the fabric of society as we know it.  And yet, it appears that I am. In recent months we have seen, first the public “outing” and castigation of a high school English teacher who has been […]

What Romance Is, and What It Is Not

  As I mentioned in an earlier post, a few months ago I had a run-in with a rather rude man at a Barnes and Noble. As a result, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the romance genre, about what it is and what it isn’t. What follows are my humble opinions on this subject, […]