10 Reasons Why I Love Romance Novels



So, I kind of decided that I’m probably going to give up reading romance novels for Lent.

I usually try to give up something I like for Lent, but this year it was hard because I’ve already changed a lot of stuff. There just wasn’t much left.

After some thought, I decided to give up reading romances. I know, I know. It might sound silly to you, but it really will be a sacrifice. Romances are pretty much all I read, and Nalini Singh has a new book coming out on February 28th. Now I’m going to have to wait to get it from the library.

I hate waiting.

I guess that’s the point.

And, naturally, because I’ve decided not to read romance novels for a few weeks, I keep thinking about them. Like chocolate.


Sorry, sorry. Anyway, I thought I’d tell you 10 reasons why I love romance novels.

I love romance novels because…

1. Romance novels are about Love.

2. Everything works out okay at the end of a romance novel. At least it works out okay for the main couple.

3. The main couple “gets together” in a romance novel. (*wink, wink*)

4. You know going into the book that the main couple is going to resolve whatever big issues are keeping them apart. It’s comforting.

5. Romance novels can make me cry. Crying about fictional characters is better than crying about real life, and can be just as cleansing.

6. Romance novels can make me laugh. Sometimes unintentionally.

7. The main couple in a romance novel recognizes each other as mates and makes a commitment to each other. They race to each other across a windswept field and embrace and…Well they do!

8. In romance novels, people are important. Because romance is all about people. Unless you’re in love with a car.

9. In romance novels, emotions are important. Because romance is all about emotions. So it’s okay if you have some strong ones.

And finally,

10. In a romance novel, love wins. Period.

Ooooo…I just want to rush out and run across a windswept field and read a romance novel right now! But I can’t.

How fortunate for me that I am NOT giving up “novels with strong romantic elements”, such as the “In Death” series of books by J. D. Robb. Roarke! Take me away!


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