Hands In The Dirt

Gentle readers, I promise you that I tried to plod through the drama of the past two weeks.  I did.  I DID!  But then…I got swept up in the whirlwind and found myself trapped under my house and my ruby slippers were stolen by this chick carrying a dog in a picnic basket… Okay.  Maybe […]

Here Comes Spring!

Here at the Palatial Horvath Estate, the catkins on the pussy willows are full to bursting, the forsythia have started to bloom with golden splendor, and the robins are busy building nests in both the forsythia and the pussy willow. Yes, okay, the winter juncos are still here, but the red-winged blackbirds are showing their […]

I Like Trees

I like trees. I like looking at them. When I was younger, I wanted to live inside a tree like the kid in the book “My Side Of The Mountain”. Sometimes I still do. One of my first poems, written when I was in third grade, was about a tree I used to climb in […]