Where’s Harry?

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Although Betsy and the Muse have been hanging out regularly, Betsy hasn’t seen Harry, her Quest Guide, for a couple of days.  In fact, she hasn’t seen him since he and the Muse came to her aid when she battled Obsessia and The Dark Voice.   But Betsy’s been so busy, she didn’t notice Harry was missing until she received a summons from a familiar disembodied voice – Mavis, ambassador for the International Muse Council.

What is Mavis, ambassador for the International Muse Council, doing here anyway? And where the heck is Harry?  Let’s see…


Hello? *Betsy enters brain and looks around* Mavis?

Betsy.  So pleasant to see you, dear.  *Mavis suddenly appears in brain sitting in a large leather overstuffed armchair*

Oh, I’m so glad to see you too!  *Betsy moves forward into the circle of light surrounding Mavis*  How have you been?

Quite well, thank you  *Mavis crosses legs, showing her thick stockings and orthapaedic shoes*  Have a seat.

Have a– Oh.  *Betsy turns and sees another larger leather armchair* *Sits* *Leans forward nervously*  What’s going on?

I am concerned about Harold.

Harold?  Oh, Harry!  *Betsy frowns*  Why?  What’s wrong?

He has been ignoring requests from the Muse Council for an update on your progress.  I was sent to check on things.

Is he okay?  *Betsy wrings hands*  Does he need me?  I’ll go to him.

*Mavis steeples fingers*  I found him lying in the gutter in a corner of your brain, swilling orange juice.  As you know, Harold is a gerbil.  However, you may not know that members of the gerbil population find orange juice to be quite intoxicating.

Orange juice? *Betsy stares*  Really?

*Mavis shrugs*  It’s the sugar.  Puts them right down on their, uh, tails.

Oh, no!  *Betsy clasps hands to cheeks*  That’s terrible!  *She thinks*  Wait, I have a gutter in my brain?

*Mavis stares at her without comment*

Oh.  *Betsy looks away*  Right.

*Mavis straightens her skirt* Apparently I must stage an intervention before he flushes himself down the toilet, so to speak.  I need background information.  What has been happening?

*Betsy gapes at her*  Don’t you read my blog?

*Mavis raises eyebrows*  Does anyone?

Good point.  *Betsy reaches into gray matter*  *Pulls out laptop* *Logs into website*  Okay, here’s the page detailing my Quest.  I guess you should probably read the last two or three posts.

Hmmm.  *Mavis reads at the speed of thought*  Okay.  Yes, okay.  I see.  All right.  *sets laptop aside*

*Betsy watches her anxiously*  What?

I believe Harold might be blaming himself for your recent melt-down and the weight of guilt has thrown him into the well of your mind’s depravity.

But he shouldn’t… *Betsy blinks* My mind has a well of depravity?

*Mavis merely looks at Betsy over her glasses*

Oh.  *Betsy clears her throat*  Right.

*Mavis pats hair*  Unfortunately, this is a situation many of our Guides face.  The traveler stumbles and falls, or becomes derailed, and the Guide feels guilty and responsible.

But he wasn’t responsible!  *Betsy looks at Mavis earnestly*  It was all my fault.

Oh, I know that, dear.  *Mavis reaches out and pats Betsy’s hand* He gave you Guidance with the best of intentions, but it triggered…unfortunate side effects.  This happens sometimes and it is difficult for the Guide to realize he or she cannot bear responsibility for the way the traveler chooses to react to their Guidance.

He couldn’t know… *Betsy looks away* *Bites lip*

Well, perhaps he could have been wiser in his choice of words, and he did try to talk to you about too many things at once, but he’ll learn how best to work with you in time.  *Mavis purses her lips*  If he burdens himself with responsibility for this incident, he will never be an effective Guide for you and we will be forced to replace him.

No!  *Betsy reaches out a hand*  I don’t want to lose Harry!  He’s my friend!

*Mavis nods*  I am quite pleased you feel that way.  Shall we speak to Harold and see if we can work through these difficulties?

Yes. *Betsy nods*  *Straightens in her chair*  Let’s get him.

Wonderful  *Mavis smiles thinly*  And here he is.

*Harry staggers into the light, a small carafe of orange juice clutched in his tiny paw*


To be continued…




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