Dear Internet

Dear Internet –

Okay, you and I have to talk. Or not talk, as the case may be. I mean, you know I love you, but this is getting ridiculous. You are just way too attractive for your own good. Or my good. Whatever. We’re going to have to start setting some boundaries in our relationship.

I’m not saying that all of our problems are your fault. Love is a two-way street, after all. And I know that most of the blame rests on my shoulders. But, honestly, can you be any more appealing? Where else can I look up news on Channing Tatum, then interact with friends and family, then read different blogs, then move from email account to email account, then check out YouTube for “research” or “social media” purposes? Come on! I mean, I say that I’m only going to give you five minutes, but you pull me into your glorious web (hah! Web! Get it?) and by the time I surface an hour has passed. How many times CAN I watch the “Magic Mike” trailer? But you just keep flaunting it in my face and drawing me in.

So, we’re going to have to come to an understanding. Because I…well, I need my space. I need to find out who I am apart from you. I need to be Betsy again so I’ll know how much of myself I can share with you.

I know that we’ll still need to have contact. I know we can’t just split. There are the social media sites, after all. And my blog. And the email. But our relationship is going to have to be more limited. I’ve been letting you take over, and I just can’t live like that anymore.

I love you, Internet. You bring me so much joy. This isn’t about you, it’s about me. But please, try not to be too sad – I know we’ll work it out somehow.





  1. Oh, so true. I’m just glad I’m not alone!

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Nancy: LOL It’s addictive, isn’t it? I’ve started just turning off the modem and only letting myself turn it back on if I get all my work done. Like a cookie. 🙂

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