An Ode to Girl Scout Cookies

Well, don’t I feel all dramatic after my last couple of blog posts? Sorry about that. I’ll just tell you that the doctor’s visit went pretty much as I feared and my diabetes is bad at the moment.

But I’ve decided that just because my diabetes is bad, and just because my debt is bad, doesn’t mean that I’m bad.  I’m feeling determined, and I’m taking steps down a healthier road. My debt makeover and my physical makeover mean this year is going to be fabulous. So there.

Of course, now that I’m feeling all determined and crap, I realized that it is a time of year which until now has been one of my favorites.  I’m referring to Girl Scout cookie season. When I was out and about yesterday, I saw the little pushers set up all over the place. I practically had to use ninja moves to extract myself from one bunch.

That experience, and an innocent Facebook post from a friend, inspired me to compose what I feel is one of my best poems yet: An Ode to Girl Scout Cookies.

Okay, here we go… *clears throat*


An Ode to Girl Scout Cookies

By Betsy Horvath


To me Thin Mints
Were simply keen
I’d sniff the packets
And start to dream.


The Carmel DeLights
Are sweet and chewy
One look at them
And I’d go gooey.


Peanut Butter Patties
With chocolate and nuts
For them I’d spend
A hundred bucks.


Then came the sandwiches
Also of Peanut Butter
While eating them,
There was no other.


Thanks-A-Lots, Shortbread,
Lem-on-ade Iced,
And don’t forget Shout-Outs
Geez, they’re nice.


No more Girl Scout Cookies
Will I ingest
Eat them before me
And I’ll smell your breath.


Now with that warning
Enjoy the season
And enjoy your cookies
(within reason).


Thank you.



  1. Well said, Betsy!

  2. Yummy, yummy, yummy, my tummy can’t handle the gluten……

  3. Margaret D. says

    Love the poem, Betsy. Great work!

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