Time, Time, Time Is NOT On My Side

Periodically I go up against my biggest enemy – Time. Or rather, lack of time. It’s fine when I’m just coasting along living in my own delirious illusion, but if I happen to open my eyes and see how much time has flowed past, and how little I’ve accomplished with it, I become slightly panicked. In addition, I’m suffering from some increased demands in my day job, and in other areas of my life, that have served to squeeze my available time even more.

After some internal debate, I’ve decided to make a few changes to my social media commitments. Social media, as you probably know, is a wonderful thing. It’s also the perfect time waster – you can tell yourself that you’re working, when all you’re really doing is surfing the Internet.

First, I deleted my Google Plus profile. I haven’t been using it, and frankly I don’t have the time to develop my presence there. Besides, although I had about 200 people in my circles, my stream tended to be filled with posts from about 5 very active users. I just didn’t have the feeling of community and conversation there that I have in Twitter and Facebook.

So, if you were following me on Google Plus, please come follow me on Twitter or Facebook. If you don’t already. Which you probably do.

Deleting that Google Plus profile felt kind of empowering, if you want to know the truth. Social Media will NOT RULE ME! ย MWHAHAHA! ย But I’ll always be grateful to Google Plus for putting me in contact with Doris – the lovely person who extended me the original invitation to join. Thanks, Doris!

Next, regarding this blog. Since I started in April, I’ve been posting three times a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday – with only the occasional break. I feel that I just can’t keep up that pace anymore. I’ve decided to go to twice weekly – Wednesday and Sunday – in the hopes that bi-weekly will fit in better with my schedule. Right now I don’t have much creative time, so I don’t want the creative time I DO have spent trying to write a blog post. If twice a week doesn’t work, I might have to drop to once a week for a while, but I’m going to try to avoid that.

So, this post is really just an FYI for those of you who would actually have noticed that things had changed. I now return you to your regularly scheduled program already in progress.

And let us all use our time wisely. ๐Ÿ˜€



  1. Time is our perennial struggle, so true. And if we aren’t careful the social media doesn’t leave us any time to write the actual BOOKS! As fun as the chat and sharing is… I’m glad you stuck with twitter since that’s where we met, best wishes and WRITE!

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Veronica Scott: Thanks, Veronica! I love Twitter, actually, so I’m definitely sticking there. And Facebook is great since my family and friends are there – plus I can post things on my author page. But Google Plus really wasn’t working for me. I’m definitely keeping the blog, but I needed to pull back a little. Because you’re right – sometimes all of the social media obligations and demands makes you forget that what you really want to do is write! LOL

  2. Oh, if only time and wisely played nice together! Never fear – we’ll follow your trail whenever you are here (and there…. Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Besides, we’re jonesing for your next book already…… ;). (no pressure…)

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Lynda K: Thanks, Lynda!!! Having a web presence and all of that stuff is great, but really, I’d rather be writing. One thing I’ve learned this year is how the business of being an “author” can really get in the way of being a “writer”. LOL Besides, if I don’t write, people get hurt. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. BOY do I understand this post! ๐Ÿ™‚ You and one other friend are the only 2 that post on my G+ LOL I never check it. well ok maybe once every 2 months! ๐Ÿ™‚ and I was happy to pass along an invite to you. But like you do prefer facebook. I ‘m still getting use to twitter ๐Ÿ™‚

    I use to blog every day and I burnt myself out. Now I blog when I feel like it. Sometimes that’s every day other times its once a month. I guess what I’m saying in a very long way is I get it, I understand ๐Ÿ™‚ Do what you have to do as long as it gets me more books bawhahahahahhah :-)~

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Doris: I really WANTED to like Google Plus, but it was just too much. I was debating whether or not to keep my profile open and just never post, but I decided I’d just cut the cord. LOL But thank you for the invitation!

      I do like the blog, but NO WAY can I write every day. We’ll see how twice a week goes. I realized I was spending more time on my posts than my writing and that HAD to stop – for the sake of those around me. ๐Ÿ˜€


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