The Day I Think I Scared Baryshnikov

One interesting fact about myself I did give to Carina Press to post on their Twitter feed is my belief that I scared Baryshnikov one day. Since this was a defining moment in my life, I thought I’d give you the whole story.

So, my friend Lisa and I were in New York City. We were in our early twenties, probably 21 or 22 and, like all other young adults going to NYC, we had been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Yes, as a matter of fact, we WERE geeks.

I am still a geek. Lisa, on the other hand, is very cool.

Anyway, we went from the museum to the Lincoln Center. I can’t remember if we walked or took the subway, but I DO remember that I was carrying a coffee table book about the Met in my backpack.

Have I mentioned that we were geeks?

I think we might have been going to see an opera because we stopped at the Metropolitan Opera Shop at Lincoln Center. Lisa went towards the back of the store, but I was lingering closer to the door when a man walked in. He was kind of short, had light brown hair, and was wearing leg warmers. Obviously he was a ballet dancer.

I was a HUGE Baryshnikov fangirl at the time (still am, come to that). This man looked a lot like him. Baryshnikov wasn’t really dancing anymore, but he was with the American Ballet Theater as a director. The ABT performs at Lincoln Center. We were at Lincoln Center. This man was wearing leg warmers.  Ballet dancers wear leg warmers.  He looked like Baryshnikov.

Ergo, thought I, he must be Baryshnikov.

I believe that I let out a shriek. I did not fall upon him, however. I had more dignity than that. I ran to find Lisa and squealed (pretty loudly) “I think I just saw Baryshnikov!” She came running back with me to see for herself.

And he was gone.

It was just SO odd…why would he leave? Could he have sensed that we were about to mob him and create a scene? Hmmm….

All of these years later, I look back on this incident and ask myself, “Did you really scare Baryshnikov? Or did you just terrify a random man wearing leg warmers?”

I’ll never know for sure.  But I tell everyone it was Baryshnikov. It just sounds better that way.


  1. Zelda Pinwheel says

    I purchased your book on audible. I really enjoyed it – and I’m looking forward to your next offering. Actually, I was disappointed that I could not read the stories concering the secondary characters. Or even learn how Luc got the scar on his face; what was the story behind Justin and Melanie?; and why did David suddenly become so broody?; and will mom and dad get back together? Why, oh why, do you only have the ONE FREAKING BOOK? I do hope you intend to produce additional installations of what is a great start to a very engaging series. And congratulations on being published. You’re great, and I’ll be watching for your next book. When might it be coming out, by the way?

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Zelda Pinwheel: Thank you soooooo much! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book (and it was nice to hear after the day i’ve been having LOL) Yes, the plan is that HOLD ME is the first book of at least 3 (and hopefully more). I’m working on them, but nothing’s been contracted yet. But I am working! I promise! If you go to the Extras page on the blog site, there are two short stories and some character interviews I did for the blog, if you’re interested. 😀 I’m planning on putting up another short story or two when I can. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. geeks rule……..

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