HOLD ME Countdown – Bonus Story: When Luc Met Spot

11 Days To Release Day!


How did Lucas Vasco, tough FBI Special Agent and hero of HOLD ME, end up with Spot, large Newfoundland and canine companion? The story of how the two of them found each other – with the help of a friend – made me smile.

This short story takes place about two years before the action in HOLD ME. Although it contains hints and teasers, I don’t think there any spoilers. This is a pdf file (until I’m able to create a new blog page).

I hope you enjoy “When Luc Met Spot.”


When Luc Met Spot


  1. That is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

    Never mind Mama Allen, I had tears in my eyes too. 🙂

  2. Oh i loved this short story. lol I am reading Hold me right now for my blog. I got it from netgalley yesterday and for some reason i decided to take a peak at it this morning and i’m halfway through already. I’ve never read your books before and this one tweeked my interest when i was browsing netgalley. I am not disappointed so far and as soon as i can get back to it this evening i plan on reading more if not the rest of it. Good stuff.

    Lisa B

    • Betsy Horvath says

      Oh, thank you so much Lisa! I’m glad that you liked the short story and that you’re enjoying my book. This is my first book, erm, my debut novel, so I’m just a nervous, excited wreck. LOLOL 😀


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