Previously on Betsy’s Blog….

Harry, Betsy’s albino gerbil Quest Guide, has sent Betsy away to think about her writing.  They need to identify the true nature of her quest before they set out.  Otherwise how will they know when they get there?  Now, after a short break for Easter, they’ve gotten together again and are sitting together on the Ikea sofa in Betsy’s brain to see if they can decide what they’re doing.


*Harry spits out a sunflower seed and perches on the arm of the sofa, wrapping his tail around his body*  So, did you do some thinking about the writing and your quest and all that crap?

The Quest Begins

harryOur story thus far….

Mavis, Betsy’s inner Mary-Poppins-like career consultant sent by the International Muse Council, has determined that Betsy will be too much work. However, before she flies off into the sunset, she provides Betsy with another Guide – a white gerbil named Harry. Yes, whereas in mythology most seekers setting out on life-altering quests are led by a white stag or a white rabbit, Betsy got an albino gerbil.

Harry has been settling into Betsy’s brain for three days now, and he’s just called a meeting. Let the quest begin!

*Betsy enters her brain* Harry? Where are you?

Mavis Returns

carpet bagAs we resume our story, we find Betsy wandering aimlessly through her brain, wondering if Mavis, the elderly Mary-Poppins-like career consultant who visited her on Wednesday as a voice in her head sent by the International Muse Council (see this post for details), will return as promised….

*singing* OOOOO Super-california-licious-blah-blah-ala-docious! Super–

Hello, dear.

Mavis, you came back!  *Betsy runs to watch Mavis float into her brain and land nearby* I thought you might have forgotten me.


mavisHello, dear.

I…hello?  Who are you?

I’m Mavis, dear.

No…I mean…it’s nice to meet you, but who ARE you?  And why are you talking to me?

I’m a consultant, dear.

I have a consultant who’s a voice in my head.

Yes, dear.

Wow.  I’m more screwed up than I thought I was.  I mean, can multiple personality disorder be far behind?


And not only do I have a consultant voice in my head, I have a consultant voice in my head who sounds like an elderly librarian from the Midwest.