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HOLD ME Countdown – An Interview with Lucas Vasco

6 Days to Release Day!

For those of you who don’t know, FBI Special Agent Lucas Vasco is the hero of my book, HOLD ME. In this post, I’m chatting with Luc to touch base and find out how he’s doing. On Thursday, I’ll post my interview with Katie, the heroine of the book.

HOLD ME Countdown – When Katie Met Spot (excerpt)


8 Days to Release Day!



Holy cow, it’s only 8 days to release day and that means our countdown is moving into the last week. You may consider this the Hurricane Irene version of the countdown, as my power went out this afternoon and I’m posting this via dial-up. That means no cute pictures for you! LOL

On Thursday I posted a short story of how Luc, hero of HOLD ME, met Spot, canine companion. I thought I should balance the scales and post an excerpt that shows when Katie, the heroine, meets this important woman in Luc’s life.

HOLD ME Countdown – Bonus Story: When Luc Met Spot

11 Days To Release Day!


How did Lucas Vasco, tough FBI Special Agent and hero of HOLD ME, end up with Spot, large Newfoundland and canine companion? The story of how the two of them found each other – with the help of a friend – made me smile.

This short story takes place about two years before the action in HOLD ME. Although it contains hints and teasers, I don’t think there any spoilers. This is a pdf file (until I’m able to create a new blog page).

I hope you enjoy “When Luc Met Spot.”

HOLD ME Countdown – Meet the Editor: Rhonda Helms

13 Days To Release Day!


Today I thought it would be fun to have a special celebrity guest star on the blog.

Writing a book is hard, but editing somebody else’s book has to be even harder.  With skill, wit, and infinite patience, the editor can help the writer uncover her true story.  Then she helps her polish it up all nice and pretty so other people can actually understand what in the heck is going on.  In other words, a good editor ROCKS.

HOLD ME Countdown – The Day I Got The Call

15 Days to Release Day!


The day a writer gets “The Call” saying that somebody wants to acquire your book is a day about which many dream.  And if “The Call” is to say that an editor wants to acquire your first book, well, then the future just opens up, does it not?  It does!  When receiving such a call, the writer holds the phone receiver cradled to her cheek while, through eyes drowned with tears, she gazes into a sky filled with rainbows, and moonbeams.

So, here’s how it happened with me.

HOLD ME Countdown – FBI Quiz Answers and a Winner!

18  Days to Release Day!


First let’s do the important stuff.  Who won the Amazon gift certificate?

I chose the name in a very scientific manner.  I had 12 comments – remember it didn’t matter if your answers were right or wrong, anybody who commented was entered to win.  Anyway, I wrote everyone’s name on a piece of paper, crumbled them all up, shook them well, and had the name drawn by a non-participant (all stages of the process were documented).

And the winner is:

Cristina Genna!