HOLD ME Countdown – An Interview with Lucas Vasco

6 Days to Release Day!

For those of you who don’t know, FBI Special Agent Lucas Vasco is the hero of my book, HOLD ME. In this post, I’m chatting with Luc to touch base and find out how he’s doing. On Thursday, I’ll post my interview with Katie, the heroine of the book.

Luc and I met at his home in the wilds of New Jersey. Driving up to the massive structure Luc calls the “Museum” made me feel quite nostalgic. I’d spent so much time in the place over the last year or two, that seeing it again was like seeing an old friend. Spot, Luc’s Newfoundland, came bounding around the side the building just as I got out of the car. It can be quite intimidating to see a Newf coming at you in full gallop, but I’d dealt with Spot before and I have friends with many big dogs. I knew what to do – stand still, close your eyes, and let the wave of dog envelope you. If you pretend you’re a tree on a windy day, you usually won’t get knocked down. Usually.

Luc came to the door, yelled at Spot, and restored order. He was dressed the way he always is – t-shirt, cargo pants, and old running shoes. I’m not ashamed to say that my heart went pitty-pat when he smiled at me. Then he walked over to me and hugged me for several long moments. I held on. I was so, so happy to see him again. Besides, hugging him felt…good.

Next Luc took me on a quick tour of the Museum so I could see some changes he was making. Fortunately the structure had sustained no damage either in the earthquake or due to Hurricane Irene, although Luc told me they’d lost power for a couple of days. We finally settled down in his big living room, sitting in two armchairs on opposite sides of an unlit fireplace. Spot ambled in, dropped down onto the rug between us, and immediately began snoring. Every so often Luc would reach out and rub her back with his foot.

I pulled out my stenopad. Before I opened it, I looked around the big room.

“Your house is magnificent,” I told Luc. I was surprised when his face closed down, his eyes hidden by thick, black lashes.

“Thank you,” he said formally.

“How long has it been in the family?” I asked, flustered. I should have known better, but I tend to chatter and say stupid things when I’m flustered.

“A long time.” He stared into the fireplace, expression grim. “Apparently.”

Mentally I cursed myself for not remembering what a sore point the house was for him. Clearing my throat, I turned to my notes and tried to recover.

“Anyway, thanks for seeing me.”

“Of course.” He smiled and life came back into those beautiful dark eyes. “I’ve missed you.”

I swallowed hard and his grin broadened.

“Er…yes.” I adjusted my glasses, then looked at him seriously. “I want to try to stay out of spoiler territory here, so behave.”

“Yeah, good luck with that. What do we have to talk about that’s not a spoiler?”

“Well…” I shuffled papers. He did have a point. “How do you feel?”

“Good.” He cocked his head. “Why? Want to put me through the wringer again?”

“No,” I said, offended. “I just noticed that you were limping a little bit.”

“Oh, that.” he waved it off. “It’s nothing. I turned my ankle.”

“You did? How?”

“Well, see, I was moving some furniture around in one of the parlors. Katie keeps insisting that I claim the house, and I was getting ready to claim that room. I tripped over a lamp.”

“Ah hah.” I knew how Luc went about claiming the house, so I didn’t think I should go any further.

“But you’re okay now?”

“Sure.” He flapped a hand. “No problem.”

Maybe I should have postponed this interview until the book had been out a while. Then I thought of a topic I’d been meaning to discuss with him.

“So, Luc,” I flipped a few pages in my stenopad to get to the right notes, then looked up at him. “You like books.”

[NOTE: Please join me on the Carina Press blogthe morning of September 8th, to read the section of this interview where Luc and I talk about his books. For now, let’s pick things up at the end of that part of the conversation.]

We sat in silence for a few moments. When I got up the nerve to look at him again, he was obviously laughing at me. His dark eyes sparkled as he watched me try to pull myself together.

“Shut up!” I said. “Sue me if talking about books pushes some buttons for me. And stop playing all sexy and mysterious.”

“What?” He held his hands out to the side. “I’m not playing. I am sexy and mysterious.”

“You’re toying with me.” I insisted.

“Only because you’re easy.”

“Oh, please. You jerked me around for months.”

“You SHOT me!”

“I did not shoot you. I TORMENTED you.”

“Oh, that is just so much better.” He rolled his eyes. “Every time I turned around something else was getting f***ed up until you finished the damn book. And that took for freaking ever! You’re lucky I didn’t just go insane and attack you.”

“You DID attack me.” I jabbed a finger at my temple. “You attacked me in my MIND.”

“Right.” He snorted.

Spot woke up and sat, looking from one to the other of us with apparent confusion. I shifted so I could see around her.

“Are you going to cooperate or not?” I demanded.

“Of course I’m going to cooperate. I live to cooperate.”

I humphed because I didn’t believe him. “I knew I should have talked to Katie first.”

“Wait.” He held up a hand, palm out. “You’re going to talk to Katie?”

“Yes, I’m going to see her right now.” I closed my stenopad and stored it away in my handbag. “And I’m sure she’ll be nicer to me than you are.”

“Probably.” He was grumbling, but I could tell he was considering his situation. He knew damn well that if Katie found out he’d been mean to me, there would be hell to pay. And it wouldn’t all come from the author. “Don’t run off. You just got here.”

“I have places to go.”

“Come on.” He gave me his most winning smile. “Ask me something. You know you want to.”

“Well…” I shifted. I really did want to ask him some questions, so against my better judgment, I gave in. “Okay. What’s next for you? What are you going to do now?”

He steepled his fingers under his chin and thought for quite some time before he answered.

“I think I’m going to get some chickens. Spot will like chasing them around the yard,” he said.

I slammed the door on my way out.

Join me on Thursday to read my interview with Katie McCabe, heroine of HOLD ME.


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