‘Twas The Evening of Christmas

Setting – Christmas evening, inside Betsy’s brain

Our Cast of Characters – 

Betsy – your humble author

Skipper – a chipmunk and Habit Implementation Specialist sent by the Muse Council to help Betsy develop good habits.

Coffee – the beverage of champions.  He is always with Betsy in one form or another.

Muse – She is, well, the Muse.  Mysterious.  Elusive.  Creative.

Harry – Betsy’s Guide for her Quest to become a successful author / publisher.  Although in folklore most Guides for Quests are white hares or white stags, Harry is a white gerbil.  But he has ambitions, oh yes he does.

And now…..a poem…


‘Twas the Evening of Christmas


‘Twas the evening of Christmas

And in Betsy’s brain,

The creatures were happy

Not one did complain.


Skipper was settled,

All snug in her nest

Dreaming of habits,

And which would be best.


Betsy in sweatpants

And Coffee in cup

Lounged in a recliner

And refused to get up.


Then Harry the Quest Guide

Saw his face in the glass

As he walked past a mirror,

And let out a gasp.


Why, his ears, they were silky

And incredibly long!

His tail short and puffy!

His heart burst into song!


“A rabbit!  A rabbit!”

He squealed with delight.

“I’m no longer a gerbil!

I’m a white hare tonight!”


Skipper and Coffee both

Yelled with pure joy,

And Betsy jumped up

To dance with her boy.


The Muse was quite happy

At Harry’s promotion,

But she sat by herself

Far from the commotion.


In the grass by a lake

Deep, placid, and blue,

She sat under stars,

So brilliant and true.


After dancing with Harry

Betsy left him to chatter

And tracked down the Muse

To see what was the matter.


“Nothing’s wrong,” the Muse smiled,

Then pointed above,

“The stars shine so brightly

When you do what you love.”


“Harry’s ears now are long,

His tail a short little puff.

You got off your butt,

And are working your stuff.”


“I may not succeed,”

Betsy said with a sigh.

“Maybe not,” the Muse said,

“But at least you will try.”


Betsy looked at the stars,

And felt her heart lift.

Because the fact that she’s trying

Is itself a great gift.


She may not succeed,

She may not be good,

But without trying at all

She won’t know if she could.


So to everyone reading,

Good health and good cheer.

May you try many things,

And have a Happy New Year!





  1. Awww, this made me cry! What a marvelous poem and what a great Christmas for all your happy characters. Thank you for writing, it give those of us who read it joy. Don’t give up, you’re a great writer!

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