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enterprise next generationPreviously on Betsy’s blog –

Betsy, as you may know, is on a Quest to become a successful independent author.  Harry, as you may also know, is her Guide on this Quest.  He is a white gerbil with hopes of one day upgrading to a more traditional Quest Guide form.  Maybe a white rabbit, or even a white stag.  

Harry hasn’t had a heck of a lot to do lately, mostly because Betsy’s been in a bit of a funk.  They actually haven’t spoken all that much, which is kind of concerning, considering the fact that Harry lives in Betsy’s brain.  But today, things seem different.  Harry is bustling around his office, and Betsy is acting…happy.  What in the world is going on?

Let’s see….


*Betsy enters her brain* *Walks through neural pathways* *Whistles* *Playfully taps a ganglia* *Opens a door, and walks into Harry’s office* *Stops short*

What’s going on in here?

*Harry is sitting on top of his gerbil habitat in a starship captain’s chair*  *Swivels to face Betsy*

Hey, doll. We’re about to take off for a new adventure right?

*Betsy squints*  You redecorated.  It looks like the Starship Enterprise in here.  And you’re wearing red spandex.

*Harry snaps his suit* It brings out the color of my eyes. Besides, I’m outta the Captain Kirk outfit. We’re in Next Generation territory now.

*Betsy walks further into the office and settles on an uncomfortable chair behind a sleek modern desk*

We are?

We are. This is the next generation of your Quest. So, goodbye old-school gold captain’s uniform, hello dangerous red. We’re taking chances. We are making it so. Kicking ass and taking names. We are engaging. Booyah! *Harry does a seated karate chop*

I thought I was just writing.

*Harry points a paw at her* Exactly, Number One. You are making it so.

Because I have another book that’s almost finished and it’s going to come out soon? (Attention reader – see what I did there? I injected some marketing. And this? This is breaking the fourth wall. Hey, I saw Deadpool too.)

*Harry frowns at her* I saw what you did there. You injected some marketing.

*Betsy blinks*  Why?  Because I mentioned that I have another book almost finished and it’s going to come out soon?


Well, it’s hardly marketing. I didn’t tell people that there will be a cover reveal coming soon, did I? Or that they should stay tuned because I’ll be revealing it and the first chapter here on the blog?

No, but—

And I didn’t mention that I’ll let everyone know when it’s available for pre-order, did I?

No, but—

And I didn’t say that I’ll post sales links as soon as they’re available, did I?

Would you shut up? *Harry snaps at Betsy* People don’t want to hear about marketing all the time. Don’t you have any deep thoughts this week? Any layers you want to strip off your soul to bare it before the world?

*Betsy shrugs* Not really. I’m actually feeling pretty okay these days.

*Harry sighs* *Pinches bridge of nose* God, you make me tired sometimes. Okay, fine. Tell everyone about the book.

Oh, oh. *Betsy sits straighter* Well, the book is titled Believing It, and it’s the prequel to Handling It. It stars June and Calvin, who were pretty big characters in that book. If anybody read it and remembers.

*Harry snorts*  Prequel.  Just like Star Wars.

No, no! Well, yes, but no. See, I would have released the books in order, but I didn’t know I needed to write Believing it until Handling It was finished. Hopefully it will fill in some additional information, and you’ll get to know June and Calvin better. I’m hoping to spin them off into a series of short novels falling in between the other books in the series. But I’m not going to have a prequel trilogy or anything.


And I’ll have a cover reveal and first chapter here on the blog soon. I got the manuscript back from my editor, but then life got busy, and I haven’t finished the editing yet. So, when I have it available for pre-order, I’ll post all of that stuff. But my newsletter that comes out tomorrow, March 7, will have a special early cover reveal and the description. Did you remember I have a newsletter (see link in sidebar)?

*Harry sniffs* You’ve never given me the privilege of appearing in your newsletter. So no. I didn’t remember it.

Don’t sulk. Every month I tell people the news—

If you have any.

—and there’s an excerpt from The Hardy Falls Gazette, which is the online newspaper edited by Ms. Gregory, the Hardy Falls librarian.


But don’t worry. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can subscribe now and get the links for all of the old newsletters! All of them!

Uh huh.  *Harry folds paws on stomach* And how many newsletters are there again?

*Betsy’s eyes slide left* So, this will be, like, the third one.

Since you started the thing six months ago, I see we’re going gangbusters over there.

Hey, I’m getting better! And the newsletter will come out regularly and the blog will come out regularly and the books will come out regularly and maybe short stories will come out regularly, too!

You sound very regular.

I am!

*Harry settles back in chair* Okay, so let me recap the point of this post, since we seem to have lost the theme somewhere along the way.


We’re starting the next generation of your Quest.

Which is why you’re wearing the Picard uniform instead of the Kirk uniform.

Exactly. And you have a book you’re finishing up and it will come out soon.


And when it’s available for pre-order, you’ll post information here. But for now if somebody wants to see the cover and read the full description—and honestly, who’s going to be that excited about it except you?—they can subscribe to your newsletter (see link in sidebar) and it will be in the newsletter coming out on March 7th. That about cover it?

*Betsy claps hands* Yes!

Okay. *Harry arches an eyebrow* Mind if we get started on the next generation of your Quest now? Mind if we get this starship going so we can promote your regularity?

*Betsy bounces in chair* Yes! Yes! Let’s go, let’s go! Make it so!

*Harry sighs*

Say it! *Betsy squeals* Say it!

God. Okay, yes. Make it so Number One.

Aye aye, Captain. *Betsy salutes and runs out of the post*

I really need a drink.


To be continued….





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