Bawk! Business! Bawk!

bawkPreviously on Betsy’s blog…

When last we left Betsy and her Muse, it seemed they were making progress towards the ultimate goal of Betsy’s Quest.  Betsy had completed the first draft of her next book, and even took the time to evaluate her writing process in a relatively thoughtful manner.  But something appears to have happened since last we spoke.  Betsy’s brain has been ringing with the sounds of…screeching?  And are those really feathers filling the corridors?  What in the world is going on here?

Let’s see….


*Muse walks through Betsy’s brain*  *Hums softly*  *Pushes open door to Harry’s office*

Bawk!  Business!  Bawk!  *Betsy runs by*  *Hands flap wildly in the air*

Hmmm.  Interesting.  *The Muse walks to the comfortable sofa where Betsy’s Quest Guide, Harry, and her favorite beverage, Coffee, sit watching Betsy run around the room like an idiot.*  Hey, guys.

Hey.  *Harry waves a paw*

Mon cheri.  *Coffee steams*

So, what’s up?  *Muse settles herself next to Harry on the sofa*  *Crosses legs*

*Coffee pours himself out and hands her a mug*  Nothing much, mon petite.

Bawk!  Newsletters!  Newsletters!  Newsletters!  Bawk!  *Betsy fists her hands in her hair and pulls*

*Muse nods toward Betsy*  What’s that all about then?

Oh.  *Harry sips Coffee*  She’s panicking about all of the business stuff again.

VAT Tax!  VAT Tax!  *Betsy runs by*

*Coffee tsks*  She is like ze chicken wit ze head cut off, no?  And I even gave her decaf.

Bawk!  Cover!  Back matter!  Sales blurb!  Bawk!  *Betsy runs past, pulling her hair*  Are they good enough?  I don’t know!  I don’t KNOW!  Bawk!

*Muse looks at Harry*  Didn’t you try to talk her down?

*Harry shrugs*  Oh, sure.  But I’m a gerbil, not a miracle worker.  I reminded her that her stories were the most important thing, and–

What the hell is metadata! *Betsy crows at the ceiling*

–that’s what I got.  *Harry sighs*  You just can’t Guide someone who won’t be Guided.

*Muse rolls her eyes*  For heaven’s sake, I thought we were beyond this.  The stories are what she should be focused on.  Until she’s built up an inventory, there’s not much else to do on the business side anyway.

*Harry holds up paw*  Preaching to the choir, babe.

Bawk!  Do I need ISBNs?  Do I?  *Betsy jumps up and down*  Why does a number cost so much money?  *Runs off, hands flapping*

*Harry sips Coffee contemplatively*  I think a combination of things set her off.  First, her DBA filing came through, so now she actually has a publishing imprint name and can operate as a business.  It made it all more real.

*Betsy runs up*  DBA!  Bawk!  Federal EIN!  Business accounts!  *Betsy runs off*

I see.  *Muse sips Coffee*

*Coffee giggles*  It tickles.

*Harry shakes head*  Anyway, so we have the whole reality of the business thing going on.  Then she started reading publishing blogs and news loops and books again.

Bawk!  Too much information!  Too many things to do!  *Betsy runs past, arms flapping*  Taxes!  Accounting!  Merchandise!  Bawk!

*Muse puts Coffee aside*  Okay.  I’ve got this.  *stands*  *catches Betsy as she runs by again*  *stares into her blank, insane eyes*  Listen up!  Do you want to know the best thing you can do to launch your business?

*Betsy cocks head to the side* *looks alarmingly like a brainless chicken*  Marketing?  Bawk?

*Muse shakes her*  No.

Accounting?  Websites?  Interviews?

*Muse shakes her harder*  No!  The best thing you can do to launch your business is to write more stuff.

*Betsy cocks head to the other side*  Write?

Yes.  Write and keep on writing.  Write the next book and the next and the next.  In the end that’s all that matters to you anwyay.

*Betsy fluffs feathers.*  Just write?  That’s enough?

*Muse shrugs*  Sure.  I mean, yes, there are other things you’ll need to learn–

Learn!  Bawk!

But in the end, just write.  The rest of it will work itself out.  You don’t need to get everything done this second.  You have time.

*Betsy considers*  *cocks head from side to side*  I do?

*Muse smiles*  You do.  Now get out there and create me some eggs.



To be continued…


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