Progress? Yes! Progress!

longroadHello there!  Well, it’s been – *checks calendar* – EEEP!  two months since the last time I’ve blogged.  Shocking, but true.  But this time I’ve been silent because I’ve been making some…wait for it…wait for it… Progress!  Yes, I said Progress!  Granted, it’s been a shambling zombie-like run towards progress, my arms outstretched, bits and pieces of me falling by the wayside, but a wee bit of progress has been grasped in my fingers curved like claws, pulled towards my cavernous….er….sorry.

Anyway, I’ve made some progress.

At first I stopped blogging so I could put all of my creative energy and time into finishing my new contemporary romance, Handling It.  I was able to finish that book at the end of October and get it to beta readers.  The readers have gotten back to me, so it will be going to my editor after the holidays.  Huzzah!  Thank you, everyone!

Because nothing’s as simple as you think it will be, as I was finishing the polish draft of Handling It, I realized I needed to write a novella to lead into the series.  Although the novella – Believing It – will be outside the plot arc set up in Handling It, it establishes motivations for some actions that are important not only in Handling It, but in the next two books in the series.

Since the novella is really first, it might become permanently free to lead people into the series (I have to think about that some more).  I’d like to try and release it at the same time as Handling It, if possible, so I’ve been trying to get it finished as quickly as I can.  As of today, I have 39,780 words written, which is great for five weeks work.  It’s not finished, but I’d really like to see the final length be around 40,000 words.  And that means I’ll be doing some cutting in the second draft.  Ah, well.

The covers are finished for both, and the sales blurb is pretty final for Handling It.  I’ll be doing reveals for both after the holidays.

I’ve also been giving a lot of thought to the newsletter I don’t have yet.  😛  The good news is, I think I know what I want to do.  The bad news is, I can’t decide if I have time to do it or if I’ll just be setting myself up for failure.  I just have to remember that nothing’s written in stone.  I can always change my mind.

More to come on all of this, but I wanted to let you know that things are moving right along.  This time I HAVEN’T been wasting all of the time while I’ve been away. Yay!  Hooray for maturity!

P.S. – I’m going to try to get back on a more regular blogging schedule now.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m sure Harry and the Muse and Skipper will have a LOT to say!


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