The Muse Gives Birth

*pant pant pant* OWWWWW! *pant pant pant*

Muse! Muse! *Betsy runs into the post* I have your ice chips. *offers cup*

Take your ice chips and put ’em where the sun don’t shine! *pant pant pant*

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. The contractions are getting closer, aren’t they?

What the hell do you think?

Okay. *Betsy scuttles around like a crab* I need…I need to get my laptop set up.

You’d better get your laptop set up, because this ending scene is coming, and it’s coming fast. OWWWWWW!!

Thank goodness. I’ve tried three times to write this scene. Three times, Muse!

Well, I needed to gestate, didn’t I? God, I feel like I’ve been pregnant for freaking ever.

That’s your own fault. I’ve been ready to write it for months.

Oh, SHUT UP. *pant pant pant* I feel like…I think I need to push! I think this is it!

Heck! Man! Crap! Here I am. I’m ready. Just breathe through it and push it out!

YOU BREATHE YOURSELF! AHHHHHHH!!!! andthenhannahtellsdeaconthatshetrustshimandrespectshimandloveshimtooand…

Wait! I can’t type that fast! Wait for me.



Muse? Muse are you there? Muse are you okay?

*gasp gasp* Yeah. Wow. MAN that hurt. I think I was pregnant with that ending so long it’s ready to go to college now.

*pants* We’re okay. It’s all okay. I got the whole thing typed up and saved it three times. It’s safe. Safe…

*waaaaa waaaaaa*

Oh, Muse. Look what you’ve done. You’ve just given birth to a second draft. *coo*

Awwww…isn’t it pretty?

Yes, yes. *Betsy sobs softly into tissue* Oh, Muse, I’m so happy.

Only one more draft and maybe a polish.

And then it will be ready to go out into the world.

After you write the synopsis.





  1. Yeay!!!!!! Good job Muse – GREAT job Betsy! Glad it finally came together!

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