The Unkindest Cut


I had the day off today. I thought that I would spend the day thinking deep thoughts and writing glorious prose. Instead I spent it going through paperwork for my taxes and playing Mahjong.

Ah well. The best laid plans.

But then I found myself at the end of the day having written neither jot nor tittle for my regularly scheduled blog post. The horror! Panicked, I naturally turned to my handy Introduction to Literature book. After due consideration, I pulled out a poem that spoke directly to my day.


The Unkindest Cut
by J. Patrick Lewis


Knives can harm you, heaven forbid;
Axes may disarm you, kid;
Guillotines are painful, but
There’s nothing like a paper cut!


Amen, brother.

And yes, yes, I know the poem speaks on many levels and the humor of the physical is also a metaphor for how we cut each other through words and blah-blah-blah.  All I know is that paper cuts hurt!

Here’s wishing you all a pain-free tax preparation season.



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