A Few Things About Cats



    • Do not help with the household chores.
    • Occasionally use the rug as toilet paper – especially if the rug is light in color.
    • Watch to see where you habitually walk with bare feet.  Then they cough up a hairball in that exact spot.
    • Enjoy nibbling on a houseplant now and again.  Then their stomachs rebel.  Violently.  In the path where you habitually walk with bare feet.
    • Can fly if they really want to reach a high perch, catch a bug, or are determined to pull down a stack of books and magazines.
    • Can be immovable if they so choose.
    • Can have a hundred arms, legs, paws, claws and teeth when you try to stuff them into a carrier
    • Seek out the fabric-covered surface in your house that is the hardest to clean and the exact opposite in color to that of their fur.  Then they lay upon it routinely.  And shed.
    • Call for you when they want you to come to them and become impatient if you do not obey quickly enough.
    • Enjoy grooming your hair and face in the middle of the night when you are asleep.
    • Like to stand on your lap and stick their butts in your face.  Especially if you are eating something at the time.
    • Lay on the computer keyboard to get attention.
    • Purr
    • Love you.  Mostly.
    • Rule.


  1. Interestingly, my greyhound also does the first four. Except substitute hairball for “chunks of the pencil that he ate that morning.”

    Cute post!

  2. HAHAh All so very true! You forgot one though. Hog the bed in the middle of the night 😉

  3. My cat loves this blog post. 🙂

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Angela Campbell: My cats were staring at me when I wrote it. I think they wanted to contribute. But that’s the one thing I have over them – opposable thumbs. They find typing difficult. LOL 😀

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