HOLD ME Countdown – Bonus Story: Sisters (and some blog tour info)


1 Day to Release Day!!!!


Can you even believe it?  HOLD ME is being released into the wild TOMORROW, 9/5/11.  It’s rather appropriate that my book is released on Labor Day, because it has been such a labor of love from start to finish.  It has also been like birthing a big giant baby elephant.  I am very excited.  And happy to see it roaming free.

I’m also excited to tell you that starting tomorrow I’ll be on a wee bit of a blog tour.  Perhaps it is not a big blog tour by some author’s standards, but it’s big to me.  Here’s the info:

9/5     I’ll be at RR@H Novel Thoughts and Book Reviews talking about why I love Romantic Suspense

9/6    I’m being interviewed by the awesome and lovely Maureen Miller on her blog. Chaos is sure to ensure.

9/7   I am guest blogging at the equally awesome and lovely Leah Braemel’s blog, talking about characters coming alive in my mind.  It’s very scary.

9/8   I’ll be on the Carina Press blog with my friend, Lucas Vasco talking about his books.

9/12  I’ll be at Not Your Usual Suspects talking about Pantsers versus Plotters.

9/30   I’m guest blogging on Everybody Needs A Little Romance talking about…something.

10/3  I’ll be at Attacking the Page with a post having to do with writing a car chase.


Oh, what an exciting and busy month!  I hope you’ll stay with me for the ride.

To celebrate the Day Before Release Day, I’m posting another bonus short story.  Well, this one is more like a bonus vignette.  As before, there may be hints and teases, but I’ve tried to stay away from any actual spoilers.  I hope you enjoy “Sisters”.

And I’ll see you tomorrow!  WHEEE!

Sisters (PDF)


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