HOLD ME Countdown – FBI Quiz

20 Days to Release Day!


Today on the countdown we’re going to see how much you know about the FBI.   Luc Vasco, the hero of HOLD ME, is an FBI Special Agent. Since his work gets him and Katie into a lot of trouble, it’s only fair that we learn a little bit about the history of the agency that employs him.

I’m going to give you some multiple choice questions.  Give me a list of your answers in the comments below. And, just to make it more fun, I’ll pick a random commenter to win a $25 Amazon gift certificate.  All comments received before noon (EST) on Thursday 8/18/11 will be entered, not just the ones with the correct answers.  Yeah, I’m easy.  Besides that gets me off the hook if I have faulty information. 😉

So, okay. Here we go!

1.  When was the FBI founded?

A     1908

B     1929

C     1935

2.  The FBI motto is:

A     First, Best, and Invincible

B      Deal Fairly, Bear Witness, and Investigate

C     Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity

3.  How many field and satellite offices does the FBI have?

A     50 field offices, 420 satellite offices

B     56 field offices, 400 satellite offices

C     60 field offices, 450 satellite offices

4.  How many FBI Special Agents are there?

A     11,000-12,999

B     13,000-14,999

C     15,000-16,999

5.  How many FBI Special Agents are women?

A     over 2000

B     over 2500

C     over 3000

6.  When was the first female FBI Special Agent hired?

A     1910

B     1945

C     1972

7.   How many female agents were employed at the FBI when J. Edgar Hoover died?

A     25

B     10

C      0

Okay, the challenge is on!  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.  I’ll tell you the answers and the winner of the $25 gift certificate on Thursday.  Remember – everyone who comments before noon (EST) on Thursday 8/18/11 will be entered to win, even if they don’t have the correct answers.  That’s just the kind of girl I am.

And if nobody comments, I’ll just keep the gift certificate myself and go shopping.  Win! 😀



  1. Carolyn Castello Snyder says

    Hey Betsy, fun quiz.. my answers are ACBBACC. Hope I win!!

  2. Lynsay Forsyth says

    My answers are:

  3. Kelly Cannone says

    Love the quiz – fun info that I did not know! I wanted to be an FBI agent when I was little – look were I ended up – sloothing for Rodale 🙂
    Answers: A, C, B,B,A,A, A,C

  4. Jodi German says

    Hi Betsy, great site. Sorry I never checked it out before. My answers are A, C , B, B, A , C, C Good luck with the launch!!

  5. Carmen Bell says

    Hi Betsy – I’m so looking forward to the book coming out! How excited you must be! Here are my answers: A,C,B,B,A,A,A.

  6. My anwers are: A, C, C, B, A, C, C. Can’t wait to read the book!

  7. Hi Betsy – here’s the winning post! A C B C A C C

  8. Monica Piechota says

    I am so looking forward to meeting Luc and Katie!

    My guesses are: A C C C A B B

    Congratulations on the release of your book!

  9. Betsy Horvath says

    Thanks everyone for your comments! I’m so glad you all came to visit. Hey, I just commented! Does that mean I can put my own name in for the prize? Hmmmm…. 😀

  10. Cristina Genna says

    Hi Betsy! So, I promised I’d visit and here I am! Great website…congrats! Here’s my 2 cents on answers to the quiz: A, C, B, B, C, A, C

  11. my answers are probably all wrong but BACCBB congratulations on your book Betsy doing this for Kathie

  12. Only you could make me spend time researching the FBI website LOL and I still haven’t found all the answers so some are just guesses LOL

    My answers are: ACBBBCC

  13. Nice site..
    Even though you forgot about me, I didn’t forget about you.
    Here are my answers: ACBBCCA.
    When can I expect my gift card?

  14. Betsy Horvath says

    Thanks everyone! The contest is closed. I’ll post the winner and the answers shortly.

    Thank you so much for playing!


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