HOLD ME Countdown – Nothing You Can Do About It


29 Days To Release Day!


I have to tell you that I love the group The Manhattan Transfer.  I have almost all of their albums/CD’s.  I loved them before there WERE CD’s.  Yes, I’ve loved them for that long.

When I was writing the draft of the book that became HOLD ME, I found myself obsessed with TMT’s classic album/CD “Extensions”.  I listened to it all the time.  In particular, I would play the 3rd track,”Nothing You Can Do About It”, over and over and over again.  It was, I thought, absolutely perfect for the book I was writing. I would sing the song loudly.  I would get strange looks.

I can’t say that “Nothing You Can Do About It” would be on either Luc’s or Katie’s playlist.  The smooth, creamy, vocals don’t seem to be quite their style.  But I like to think that once they heard the song, they would recognize their own story in the lyrics, and they’d like it.

So, because in my mind at least, this song is made of awesome and tied to Luc and Katie, I thought I’d share it with your for their countdown.  Here’s The Manhattan Transfer singing “Nothing You Can Do About It”.

I hope you enjoy it!

[youtube id=gtEzcYkGlxw width=440 height=390 ]



  1. I love this album, too! When I was learning to tap dance in high school (late bloomer), this was the album that accompanied me to every practice.

    Only one more day! Congratulations!

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Eleanor Brown: I love that darn thing. I think I own that album in about every format. Hmmm….I’m not sure if I have it digitally yet…. Might have to go visit iTunes….

      Thank you! I’m so very excited. And a little intimidated to think that people are actually going to be able to read (and form opinions about) my book. HAHAHA

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