HOLD ME Countdown – The Cast of Characters

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to the HOLD ME Countdown. For the next couple of weeks I’ll be publishing some special posts to lead up to release day – 9/5/11. Let’s get the show started with a rundown of the cast of characters.

And away we go!


LUCAS VASCO – our hero

FBI Special Agent Lucas Vasco has been through quite a bit in his life, and he’s learned to expect the unexpected.  But he certainly didn’t think the past would bite him in the butt when he jumped into a car at an intersection and asked for help.

KATIE MC CABE – our heroine

Katie McCabe is still trying to come to terms with a bad breakup when Luc jumps into her car and sends her running for her life. After everything he’s done to her, she really shouldn’t find him so damned appealing.


Frankie Silvano is a hit man with a reputation for insanity and for never having been arrested. Now Katie has broken that perfect record and humiliated him in front of the police.  So, he has to make her pay.  No question.


True, David Allen is Luc’s FBI squad supervisor, but the two men have known each other for years. Nothing can ruin their friendship…right?


A former FBI special agent, Justin Nemes left the Bureau in disgrace.  He’s spent a great deal of time during the intervening years blaming Luc for that fact.


Maureen McCabe is Katie’s mother.  And she just might find herself grateful for her training in karate.


Beautiful, blonde, and built, Liza Anderson knows Luc well.  Really well.


Melanie is Katie’s foster sister with more secrets than Katie ever dreamed possible.


Spot is either a large dog or a small bear. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to tell.


And there you are. The cast of characters. Oh, what wonders will await us over the next couple of weeks? Only time will tell…   😀

35 days to release day!



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