Betsy’s Excellent Adventure – Day 2

Wednesday dawned on NYC bright and fair. Wednesday dawned on Betsy with sickness and…well, we won’t go there. So unfortunately I missed the opening session with Diana Gabaldon, Tess Gerritson, and Steve Berry. But I hear it was wonderful. Fortunately I felt better a little later and so was able to enjoy the rest of my busy day.

After the annual general meeting (I didn’t bother to take pictures there), was the keynote luncheon with Madeline Hunter.  The room was, of course, packed (hey, it was free food).

 Favorite takeaway quote from Ms. Hunter – “We find our voice when we embrace our exposure.”

When I embrace my exposure, the voice I hear is usually saying “Hey, don’t do that here, lady!”, but I don’t think that’s what she was talking about. 😀

Next up, the Pitch Witch workshop, then off to the Spotlight on Carina Press, the press nearest and dearest to my heart.

I think…is that Angela James up there (in the blue)? She does exist!

Next, on out to Times Square because, hey, I came all this way so I might as well see some of the city, right?



The hotel from outside:

More to come in Day 3!  In fact, it might be coming shortly in the next post!

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