unmotivatedWhen last we left Betsy and her blog, she was musing about word “can’t”. But what has she done with those thoughts? Is she moving forward? And if she is, why is she lounging on a grassy meadow beside a large, placid lake in her mind? And why are the others helping her on her Quest to become a better writer, and a better person, lounging with her? Why is Harry, the white gerbil who is the Guide for Betsy’s Quest, staring vacantly off into space?  Why is Clara, the resident dust bunny, powdering her nose and draping cobwebs on flowers?  Why is Skipper, the chipmunk who is the best Habit Implementation Specialist on the Muse Council, sitting still for the first time ever?  Why is the Blogosphere, Betsy’s portion of the blogging universe, silent? And why is Coffee, the beverage of champions, looking practically decaffeinated?


Trusting The Muse


When last we left Betsy, she was riding high after publishing her latest book, having survived trials, tribulations, and the obsessive urge to press the “publish” button over and over again. She was even starting to think about taking control of the REST of her life. She was laughing, singing, and dancing in the privacy of her own home.

But now Betsy is sitting like a huddled mass in front of her computer screen, keening softly as she contemplates the display. Whatever is going on? Can her Muse find out what’s wrong?

Let’s see…



Mundane Life Tasks

claraWhen we last left Betsy, she had just published the digital version of her newest book on all platforms and was working diligently on the print version. But publishing, as you might expect, sucks up a lot of time. What about all of the other little things you have to do in life? What about the dishes? What about vacuuming? Are those things getting done as well?

The short answer is—no.

Let’s join Betsy as Skipper, the Habit Implementation Specialist (and a chipmunk) sent by the Muse Council, tries to get her to see that she needs to deal with these little mundane tasks, too. 


Panic, Planning, and Publishing

HmmmPreviously on Betsy’s blog…

Betsy has just published her third book, Believing It, and the publishing experience was more than a little stressful.  Part of that has to do with the fact she decided to put the book out right when she was scrambling to finish her taxes.

But it was also stressful because Betsy can be something of an idiot.

Harry, the white Gerbil who has the unenviable task of Guiding Betsy on her Quest to become a successful indie author has a few thoughts on the matter.  He’s in Betsy’s brain now, looking for her.


Just Chillin’


As you may, or may not, know, Betsy is on a Quest to become a successful independent author / entrepreneur. Her Guide on this Quest is a white gerbil named Harry, who lives in her brain and annoys her on a regular basis.

Betsy has been known to yammer about goals and objectives here on the blog, but today she does not seem to be in her office. Her desk sits empty, the lights in her brain are dark. Where is she? What in the world is going on?

Let’s find out…



The Next Generation

enterprise next generationPreviously on Betsy’s blog –

Betsy, as you may know, is on a Quest to become a successful independent author.  Harry, as you may also know, is her Guide on this Quest.  He is a white gerbil with hopes of one day upgrading to a more traditional Quest Guide form.  Maybe a white rabbit, or even a white stag.  

Harry hasn’t had a heck of a lot to do lately, mostly because Betsy’s been in a bit of a funk.  They actually haven’t spoken all that much, which is kind of concerning, considering the fact that Harry lives in Betsy’s brain.  But today, things seem different.  Harry is bustling around his office, and Betsy is acting…happy.  What in the world is going on?