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connectmeThanks to the unexpected and brutal death of my main computer, I find myself the proud owner of a spanking new laptop.  Don’t worry – I didn’t lose any files.  Back up, people!  Back up!  STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND BACK UP YOUR FILES NOW!

Erm, sorry.  Anyway, because I have a new computer for the first time in four years, I’ve been introduced to the wacky and wonderful world of Windows 8.  This post will not be about Windows 8, but let me just say that Windows 8 makes me nostalgic for Vista, and I didn’t think that was possible.

eBook FAQs (Part 2)

And here, as promised, is the second part of  my eBook FAQs.  No, no. Try to control your excitement. I know it’s hard…

Let us now speak of reading and purchasing eBooks.

Do I need an eReader to read an eBook?

No. You do not need to read an eBook on an eReader.  You can also read eBooks on your computer, smart phone, iTouch, or tablet (like an iPad).

Here are some links:

To read an EPUB formatted book on your smartphone, you need Overdrive Media console.  To read an EPUB formatted book on your computer, you need Adobe digital editions  (requires Adobe Flash player).  This link will take you to a page where you can download either, or both, programs:

eBook FAQs (Part 1)

Ever since my book was accepted for publication by Carina Press, a digital first imprint, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about eBooks.  Since the questions seem to pop up regularly and from a variety of people, I thought I’d set up a FAQ page. And THEN I thought, “Hey, why not multitask and get a couple of blog posts out of it?” Win!

So tonight I’m going to talk a generally about what eBooks are.  In my next post, I’ll talk about how to purchase and read an eBook. Hopefully I won’t bore the pants off you.

10 Things I Love About eReaders

Many of you know that I am a recent convert to the Kindle.  I chose the Kindle for a variety of excellent reasons I cannot remember at the moment (my short-term memory is a bit sporadic).  But regardless, I love my Kindle.  If I had a Nook or Kobo or any one of a dozen great e-reader alternatives, I would probably love them as well.

I really didn’t expect to love my Kindle as much as I do – but I do.  So I thought I would give you 10 reasons why I think e-readers are great.  Oh, and by the way, when I’m talking about e-readers here, I’m talking about the dedicated e-readers that are designed for, um, readers, not tablets or phones also used to read e-books.

Everything I Know About SEO

Here, in one post, I would like to present everything I know about SEO.

I know what the acronym SEO stands for – Search Engine Optimization.

Thank you!  I’ll be here all week!

Okay, just kidding.  I know a little bit more than that.  Search Engine Optimization is a fancy term for helping your blog show up when people search for stuff on the Internet.  Ideally, you want your blog to be at the top of the search results.  It’s all about getting seen.


There are those of you who think that I should not speak of things technical, as I am a technology amateur. And yet, my friends, I have seen much of the world whilst going through what I like to think of as “Blog Hell”. And what kind of a person would I be if I didn’t share my knowledge with all of you? I would be no kind of a person at all!  And so, critics be damned, I’m going to talk technical.