Lost In The Underbrush

overgrownpathLast weekend, I found myself at a point in my manuscript that’s, sadly, very familiar. I have found myself in the exact same place in all of the other books I’ve written (whether published or unpublished).

I realized I didn’t know where the hell I was going.

Until then, I had THOUGHT I knew where I was going.

I was sure I had a plan. An outline, if you will.

I thought I’d put in all the footsteps and building blocks and whatnot to get to my destination.

I thought I saw the destination, and was working towards it.


can'tNobody knows the importance of words better than a writer. After all, words are the tools I work with. Visual media is all well and good, but words get inside your brain and paint pictures only you can see. And if I want you to see basically the same thing I’m seeing, I’d better be aware of the words I’m using.

I believe with all of my heart that words are powerful. They can be powerful in a good way, or powerful in a bad way. That’s because words are basically symbols for thoughts.

Everything Changes

tied on train track

Nothing is certain. Nothing is forever. Nothing is written in stone.

You think you’ve got it under control, so you let things coast along a little bit. Nothing wrong with that. You have the right to watch some damned television, don’t you? You have the right to play a freaking video game if you want to.

And you get up and go to work. You come home. You eat, sleep, go out to dinner, go to the movies, fall into a routine.

Fear, And Moving Forward


“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.”

― Steven Pressfield
The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles

A story of my last 6 months.

The fear is always there, bubbling right under the surface, waiting to grab, to pull me under, but by the beginning of November I think I have powered through it. I have finished the book I was writing.

Then come the delays.

Reflections on Spring

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I looked around the Palatial Horvath Estate this afternoon, I saw flowers starting to push their way through the ground and buds on the trees.  The forsythia are taking on their yellow-green color, which means they’ll be blooming soon.


It seems like the world’s been frozen and snow-covered forever.  We had 10 inches of snow just two weeks ago.  And yet now everything’s starting to grow again.  To be alive again.  One day you look around and everything appears dead.  The next it all changes.  The world comes back to life and you don’t even know when it happened.

Birthin’ Galaxies

starsPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy suffered a bit of a meltdown on her path to indie authorpreneurship and was sidetracked by her deep and passionate love of baked goods.  When last we met, Harry, the white gerbil who is the Guide for her Quest, lectured Betsy quite severely about the importance of maintaining her health.  He was very stern.

 But he was right.

It’s been a little quiet here at the blog since then, but Betsy and Harry are back now.  As we join them, they are laying in a field inside Betsy’s mind, gazing up at a beautiful night sky.