All Hands On Deck

Enterprise-star-trek-the-original-series-4354803-1280-800Previously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy has made a decision.  I know, but it’s true!  She is going to publish her book and it will be out in eBook form on June 22nd!  It WILL goldarnit! 

As you may know, Betsy has a Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent author-entrepreneur. Although most seekers on a Quest have a White Hare or a White Stag to lead them on the path towards their goal, the International Muse Council has assigned Betsy a White Gerbil with ambition – Harry.  Harry wants to be promoted, and the IMC told him he might get moved up if he can keep Betsy on the straight and narrow.  (Good luck with that)

What May Come

starsAs we rejoin our story, we find Betsy and Harry, the white gerbil who is Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent author / publisher, lying on their backs in the field of waving wheat that spreads across a portion of Betsy’s brain.  They are watching the sky overhead.  As they watch, stars form and splinter apart.  Suns grow and burst.  Dreams stir.  They have been here before.

Bawk! Business! Bawk!

bawkPreviously on Betsy’s blog…

When last we left Betsy and her Muse, it seemed they were making progress towards the ultimate goal of Betsy’s Quest.  Betsy had completed the first draft of her next book, and even took the time to evaluate her writing process in a relatively thoughtful manner.  But something appears to have happened since last we spoke.  Betsy’s brain has been ringing with the sounds of…screeching?  And are those really feathers filling the corridors?  What in the world is going on here?

Let’s see….


*Muse walks through Betsy’s brain*  *Hums softly*  *Pushes open door to Harry’s office*

Back To Nuts And Bolts

nutsandboltsPreviously on Betsy’s Blog –

In a meeting with Harry, the white gerbil who is the Guide for her Quest, and Skipper, the chipmunk who is a Habit Formulation Specialist, Betsy realizes her overarching life goal is to always choose her own Path, follow her own Guide, and seek her own Grail. Working to achieve this goal effectively changes her Quest from that of becoming a successful indie authorpreneur to that of becoming a successful human being.  Which is kind of the point of all Quests anyway, isn’t it?

Things To Learn, Decisions To Make

walking into computerPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…
Betsy meets with Harry, her Quest Guide, to discuss progress on her Quest.  She tells him she has finally finished the first draft of her book, but she doesn’t seem excited about it.  Turns out she’s scared because now this whole thing is getting real.  Harry talks her down off the ledge and they end up doing a happy dance around Betsy’s brain.It turns out Harry hasn’t been idle as he waited for Betsy and her Muse to finish writing – he’s come up with a whole lot of things Betsy will need to learn and other things she will need to consider.  What are they?  Let’s listen in and find out…. 

*Betsy collapses back down onto the sofa in Harry’s office in her brain* *Wheezes from exertion of happy dancing* Okay, I’m feeling much better now.  Thanks Harry!

First Steps

dizzy computerPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy met an albino gerbil named Harry, who just happens to be her official Guide for her Quest. The problem? She didn’t know what her Quest was! Although Harry was disgusted by this lack of self-awareness, he helped her weed through her writing goals to see what she really wants to accomplish. With Harry’s help, Betsy realized she wants to self-publish (or indie publish, if you will).

But where does she go from here? This question has been haunting Betsy for days – nay, weeks. Let’s join Betsy and Harry in Betsy’s brain as they discuss the first steps.