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Trust and Rewriting

muse-Calliope*Betsy sits at her desk*  *Taps fingers on keyboard*  *Chews lip*  *Looks around room*  *Opens computer file*

Whatcha doing?

*Betsy jumps*  *Straightens in her chair*  Muse?  Is that you?

Who else?  *Muse pets cats*  *Cats do not claw, but purr and roll over to allow Muse to pet their bellies* *Muse walks over to Betsy* *Props hip against desk*  So?  What are you doing?

*Betsy runs finger along front edge of desk* Thinking.

Oh, Jeeze.  Don’t do that.  You’ll hurt yourself.  *Muse strolls over to recliner*  *Sits and props feet up*  You know I can’t help but notice you’re not as happy as I thought you’d be at this stage of the game.