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Trust and Rewriting

muse-Calliope*Betsy sits at her desk*  *Taps fingers on keyboard*  *Chews lip*  *Looks around room*  *Opens computer file*

Whatcha doing?

*Betsy jumps*  *Straightens in her chair*  Muse?  Is that you?

Who else?  *Muse pets cats*  *Cats do not claw, but purr and roll over to allow Muse to pet their bellies* *Muse walks over to Betsy* *Props hip against desk*  So?  What are you doing?

*Betsy runs finger along front edge of desk* Thinking.

Oh, Jeeze.  Don’t do that.  You’ll hurt yourself.  *Muse strolls over to recliner*  *Sits and props feet up*  You know I can’t help but notice you’re not as happy as I thought you’d be at this stage of the game.


commitment1I was on vacation from the day job last week.  When I scheduled the week off, I intended to spend it writing, except for two appointments I had scheduled for my elderly mother.

Ah, the best laid plans…

By the time the week–my blessed week–finally arrived, it had somehow transformed into nothing more than a fun-fest of appointments.  I had two, sometimes three appointments a day, and they weren’t short ones, either.  I was having some medical testing done (don’t worry – everything seems to be fine), so on a few of the days I had to be at the hospital or outpatient center for hours at a time.  I still had to cart Mom around to where she needed to go.  I had to take the cat to the vet.  I even had to sit at the DMV to renew my license.  Not exactly the stress free time off I had planned!

Getting Concrete Part 2

junglePreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy has been meeting with Skipper, a chipmunk who happens to be the best goldarned Habit and Goal Implementation Specialist the Muse Council has to offer.  In the last post, Skipper broke the news that just coming up with the fuzzy, overarching objective of “I want to write a lot of books and have people read them” is not good enough.  Betsy is actually going to have to do something about it.

Getting Concrete, Part 1

cementWhen we last left Betsy’s Blog, Betsy was meeting with Skipper – chipmunk extraordinaire and Habit Implementation Specialist.  Skipper has been getting quite impatient waiting for Betsy to get off her butt and move forward (in which Skipper is not alone), and decided a little quality face-time was in order.

Although Skipper seemed to be knocking back margaritas with abandon by the end of the post, she had also managed to lead Betsy through a brain storming session to come up with an fuzzy, overarching, dream-like objective.  Betsy wants to write stories, and have people read them.


The Big Picture

37903_340As you may (or may not) know (or care), Betsy is once again striving to set goals and develop habits that will at long last move her life forward.  But in order to do this, she first needs to identify her overall objective.  Her Big Picture, if you will.  The thing towards which the goals and habits will lead.  The horizon towards which she will steer.

Because Betsy is, well, Betsy, this is much easier said than done.

Objectives, Part 2

applauseLadies and Gentlemen!  Welcome to… Betsy’s! Got! Objectives!  Part 2. (here’s part 1) *thunderous applause*  First, let’s meet our cast of characters.  *music starts playing*

He’s a white gerbil trying to climb the Quest Guide ladder and he needs Betsy to get moving towards becoming a successful independent author.  He’s… Harry! *music swells* *applause*  Next, she’s the Muse and she’s the…Muse!  *music swells* *roars of applause*  She’s a chipmunk who knows how to get things done and is one of the best Habit Implementation Specialists in the land.  She’s…Skipper!  *applause* *cheers*  He’s THE caffeinated beverage of champions and responsible for most of Betsy’s waking moments.  He’s…Coffee!  *screams of adoration*  Now, now.  Don’t mob the coffee, ladies and gentlemen. *laughter*  Finally, meet our contestant.  She’s an author of dubious talent and so-so perseverance.  She is, of course…Betsy! *music stops* *silence* *crickets*