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Insights and Realizations

woman thinkingI hope you liked  “The Story of a First Draft” (assuming you did read it) and didn’t find it to be too boring.  I enjoyed writing it – even though I’d originally intended it to be one blog post and it ended up being three.  Oh well.

What I found most interesting about working through my writing process was what I realized about how I handle other aspects of my life.  Or don’t handle them, as the case may be.

The Story Of A First Draft (Part Three)

starsPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

In Part One of The Story of a First Draft, the Muse gave Betsy the beginning situation of her story and showed her a spotlight shining on the ending off in the distance in the darkness of Betsy’s brain.  Together, the Muse and Betsy came up with a vision of the path that would take them from the beginning to the end.  Hooray!  Betsy is on her way to a glorious first draft!  Everything’s coming up roses!

The Story Of A First Draft (Part Two)

pathsignsIf you joined us for Part One of The Story of a First Draft, you know that the Muse came to Betsy in the darkness of her mind.  Well, Betsy’s mind is generally dark (and somewhat blank), but in this case the darkness represented the story she is about to write before the writing began.  The Muse pointed Betsy towards a spotlight on the far side of the darkness, which is the ending of the story – where they thought they wanted to end up.  Then she indicated a glowing square under Betsy’s feet – the situation they’re starting with.

Betsy and the Muse talk, and suddenly there is a faint path between the glowing square and the spotlight.  That path is the initial vision of the story – the story in potential, as it were.  Now Betsy is ready to set out on her journey by taking her first steps towards a first draft.  Just a side note, if Betsy were a plotter, these steps would be taken by writing an extensive outline.  However, Betsy is a pantser with trust issues – in other words, she plots a little bit and then writes by the seat of her pants (a true pantser doesn’t plot at all).  She did enough plotting to uncover the initial vision of the story.  Now she’s going to see if she can actually find the story the vision indicated.

The Story Of A First Draft (Part One)

spotlightAs noted in the previous blog post, Betsy and the Muse have been taking a good hard look at how Betsy writes.  They figured that if they could see what Betsy is actually doing in her writing process, they might be able to improve it and speed things up at little bit.  After all, Betsy needs to get jiggy with production in 2015 if she’s going to meet her indie author/publisher goals.

Because Betsy tends to think in stories, she has written one – an allegory, if you will – to show how she seems to write a first draft.  It would perhaps have been a better plan to write about this in a more forthright manner, as other blogs do.  It was perhaps immature to create a, dare I say, dramatic rendition of the process.  And yes, it would perhaps have been kinder not to expose you, gentle and innocent reader, to the wild landscape of Betsy’s mindscape.