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An Ode To My New Roof

Construction ClipartOh, my ducklings, it’s has been such a hectic couple of weeks here at the Palatial Horvath Estate! Many things hit all at once, but a goodly portion of my time has been consumed by the choosing of a contractor for, figuring out how to pay for, and surviving the installation of, my new roof. Let us hope it was necessary and really does solve the issues.  No, no!  I’m SURE it was necessary!

Anyway, since they say to write what you know, I proudly present my latest poem: An Ode To My New Roof. Yes, I expect the call telling me I’m the nation’s new poet laureate any day now.

Always Something In The Box


There’s an exercise that Patricia Ryan Madson describes in her wonderful book, Improv Wisdom. (Ms. Madson taught improvisational theater at Stanford to standing-room only classes for twenty years.)

Here’s the exercise: Imagine a box with a lid. Hold the box in your hand. Now open it. What’s inside?

It might be a frog, a silk scarf, a gold coin of Persia. But here’s the trick: no matter how many times you open the box, there is always something in it.

Ask me my religion. That’s it. I believe with unshakeable faith that there will always be something in the box.

Byron For Tuesday


The problem with having a snazzy holiday like Labor Day on a Monday is that all week long I forget what day it is.  So I completely forgot today was Tuesday and didn’t prepare a blog post.   Oh the horrors!  But never fear – Lord Byron is leaping to my rescue.  He’s like that.

Here, for your enjoyment, are three of my favorite poems by George Gordon, Lord Byron.  Because it amused me, I arranged them as if they were describing a love affair gone wrong.  Hey, Byron was a passionate dude – he’d get it.