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Making A Start

startAfter I moved into the Palatial Horvath Estate, I was intimidated by my closets for thirteen years.

Sad, but true.

See, I wanted to organize them, but I had so much stuff jammed in there I didn’t know how to begin. Year after year it kept getting worse…and worse…and worse. It was overwhelming. So what did I do?

That’s right. I did nothing.

Then Hurricane Sandy came and the power went out for five days. I couldn’t go anywhere. It was cold. It was quiet. And, without even realizing what I was doing, I found myself organizing a closet.

No Rush



Sometimes I look at what I’ve done in my life as opposed to all of the things I still want to do.  That’s almost always a mistake.  It’s really easy for me to think I have accomplished very little.  Then I judge myself and tell myself I should have gotten a lot more done by this point.

That’s when I usually panic.  Ahhhh!!!  Time is slipping away!!!  My life is waning!!!  The zombie apocalypse is coming!!!  I need to get things done NOW!