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I’ve been doing some soul-searching recently, thinking about my life and where I’ve been and where I’m going.  Thinking about goals.  Thinking about challenges.

It’s so easy to turn away from challenges, to stick with the normal and the mundane.  It’s easy to believe that your life will just coast along in the same path forever.  But time passes and none of us lives forever and things happen and change comes.  And one day you’ll wake up and say “hey? how did I get here?” (thank you, Talking Heads) 

So, what do you want out of life?


There are those of you who think that I should not speak of things technical, as I am a technology amateur. And yet, my friends, I have seen much of the world whilst going through what I like to think of as “Blog Hell”. And what kind of a person would I be if I didn’t share my knowledge with all of you? I would be no kind of a person at all!  And so, critics be damned, I’m going to talk technical.

Time to Think

It seems to me that the rarest commodity in the world today is not oil or gold or silver.  The rarest commodity of all is Time. And the rarest of all Time is time to think.  Time to think is rarer than the rarest of gemstones, my friends. But if you are going to be a writer, then you are going to need to cultivate it.

Missing Photographs

Last Sunday, I returned the art fact sheet for my book to the publisher. This is the information Carina Press will use to come up with a cover, among other things.  (Yes, digital books DO have covers, smartypants. In fact, Carina Press covers are beautiful, and I suggest that you go look at them sometime.)

Anyway, when I was working on HOLD ME, I had photographs I thought pretty much nailed the looks or attitude of some of the characters, including the lead characters – Luc and Katie. They weren’t exact, but they were close. And so when I thought about celebrating the return of the art fact sheet, I thought it would be fitting to share these photographs with you.

An Ode to Coffee

Today I would like to present an Ode to Coffee. This is an expanded version of original works appearing on my Facebook page. Feel free to borrow and/or set to music.


An Ode to Coffee

By Betsy Horvath


O Coffee, O Coffee
My fav-or-ite drink.
You help me to wake,
You help me to think.

You help keep me sane.
Of cups, I have seven,
‘Cause one sip of you,
And I am in heaven.

O Coffee, O Coffee,
My fav-or-ite brew,
I know that I’ll never
Be quit of YEW!

Thank you.

“A Rose for Emily” with Spoilers

If you want to be an English major, you are going to have to read a lot of things you really can’t stand and then write papers about them.  And discuss them.  And sometimes you’ll have to pretend you like them. And that may scar your psyche.

One work of literature that scarred me for life is “A Rose for Emily”, a story by William Faulkner.  Here is a short summary, with spoilers.  Feel free to take notes.

Okay, so there’s this old broad in the South named Emily. She died. Before she died, she looked bloated and her house smelled bad. Before she looked bloated and her house smelled bad, she hooked up with a Yankee named Homer. THAT caused some scandal, let me tell you.