Wrap Party

CelebrationBetsy, Harry (the white gerbil who is the Guide for her Quest), and the Muse have decided to get together to reach out and touch base and create synergy heading into 2015. Where does Betsy stand with her writing? What are her goals for the new year? Is her Muse having an affair with Coffee?

Let’s see….

*Betsy pushes open door to Harry’s office in her brain* Hello! Is anyone here?

Betsy! Dollface! Come on in. *Harry lounges on top of his gerbil habitat tower browsing through his gPad*

Is Muse here too? *Betsy comes further into the office* Oh, there she is. *Waves at muse*

Hi, Betsy! *Muse waves back from where she sits on the worn sofa* Oh, and you brought Coffee! Hi, honey!

Bon jour, mon petite. *Coffee saunters over to the Muse and kisses her hand* How might I…serve you? Heh, heh, heh

Oh, Coffee. *Muse flutters her eyelashes and titters* You know I like you sweet and light.

Sheesh, you guys can make anything sound dirty. *Betsy drops onto the sofa next to the Muse and settles back with a sigh*

Well, I am a romance writing fool, after all. *Muse accepts a mug of coffee from Coffee and sips* Perfect, darling.

Mon amour…. *Coffee breathes his scent under the Muse’s nose*

Stop it! *Betsy covers her eyes*

You’re the one who got us together. *Muse sips* Speaking of getting together, why are we here?

*Betsy drops hands* *Looks around* I was hoping Skipper could make it too.

No worries. *Harry holds up his gPad* She had a New Years Resolution Emergency Planning Meeting, but I’m filming it for her.

Oh. *Betsy looks suspiciously at gPad* Okay. As long as it doesn’t end up on YouTube.

Trust me. *Harry smiles* Now GuideTube, maybe…

Shut up. *Betsy shrugs* Whatever, I guess. Anyway, I just wanted to get together to kind of, well, wrap up the year.

*Coffee comes over to her and pours another mug of himself* *Hands it to Betsy* It was ze best of ze times, it was ze worst of ze times.

Would you knock off the French accent. *Betsy sips* Ahhhhh…nice

Thank you. I do try.

What’s that accent?  British roast? *Betsy frowns*  I didn’t know there was such a thing.

*Coffee smiles* No, darling.  I’m Premium today.

*Betsy sighs* Anyway, you’re right. 2014 started off really badly.

*Muse reaches over and pats Betsy’s hand* But it’s ending on a good note, at least writing-wise.

Yeah, Skipper’s gonna have a few things to say to you about some of your habits, though. *Harry holds up gPad again* And she’s watching. She knows when you’re sleeping, knows when you’re awake, she knows when you’re eating ice cream.

She sounds like a creeper. *Betsy waves that away* Anyway. Today I really wanted to just talk about the writing.

Okay. *Harry props gPad up against side of tower* *Pulls a notepad and pen out of a fold of his fur* *Flips notepad open* *Holds up pen* Shoot.

You’re going to take notes by paw? *Betsy blinks* Harry, I’m surprised at you.

I’m a gerbil of many talents. *Harry shakes out fur* Okay, I know you and Muse have been meeting fairly regularly. I even felt a tingle in my tail the other day. I think it might be shortening.

*Coffee blinks* Your tail felt like butter or another fat used to make pastries or bread?

*Harry rolls eyes* Not shortening like you’d bake with, caffeine-brain. Shortening as in getting shorter. *Waves paw towards his back end* Like maybe it’s getting ready to transform into a rabbit tail.

*Muse leans back on sofa* And that’s a good thing?

Honey, I’m so close to white hare status I can almost taste it. *Flicks paw at Betsy* Come on, doll. Talk to me. Take me home to the carrot patch.

Um, okay. *Betsy looks at the Muse* So, “Handling It” is finished, right?

Yup. *The Muse takes a lollipop out of a pocket and sucks* *Pulls it out of her mouth again with a pop* We just have to read it through quickly and send it to the editor. *Points at Betsy with lollipop* By January 3rd. You promised.

I know. *Betsy makes note in her own notepad* We need to make sure it ties in with “Believing It” now that “Believing It”’s first draft is finished.

The first draft is finished? *Harry looks over the reading glasses he is suddenly wearing*

Pretty much. *Betsy glances at Muse, who shrugs* There are a few scenes I know I’ll need to add, but I’m calling the first draft done. I’ll add in the missing scenes when I’m working on the second draft.

Like the sex scene. *The Muse grins at Coffee* Hubba hubba

We’re at about 48,000 words, and we’ll probably end up at around 50-52,000. That’s the size of one of those little Harlequins they sell in racks at the Walmart, so it’s longer than I thought it would be, but I’m good with it.

Good, good. *Harry scribbles* When are you aiming to have that one finished.

*Betsy glances at the Muse again* Well, we want to have it completely finished by the end of January.

*Harry quirks eyebrows at her* Ambitious.

*Betsy shrugs helplessly* Yeah, especially since I want to keep writing new words on other projects while I’m in the editing process. I’ll just do the best I can.

As long as you keep at it, we’ll make it. *The Muse leans forward to pat Betsy’s knee*

What are the other projects? *Harry frowns* We really need to get moving on the newsletter thing, you know.

I know. *Betsy chews her bottom lip* I know what I want to do, so I’ll be working on that and planning out “Finding It” and “Facing It” while I’m finishing up “Believing It”.

That seems–


*Betsy, Harry and Muse all look up and around the brain*

Blogosphere? Is that you? *Betsy clasps hands to breast* Have you remembered me again?

Never mind him. *Harry adjusts his glasses* About the newsletter—


Oh, but I have answer. *Betsy bounces up and down* I’m going to blog once a week and be more consistent in keeping to that schedule


Tell him what we’ve come up with for the first posts. *Muse nudges Betsy’s knee*

Well. *Betsy looks at Muse for confidence* We’ve got some posts written where we go through how I seem to be writing, and then we’re going to analyze it.


No, no. *Betsy sits forward* Looking at my own process has already helped me. And it should be entertaining. I hope.


Okay. *Harry stands* We need to wrap up this wrap up. Are we ready to head into 2015? Are we ready to CRUSH this new year?

*Betsy, Muse and Coffee throw fists into the air* We are!


*Harry jumps up and down* Then let’s go DO THIS THING!

YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Betsy, Muse, Coffee, and Harry all run out of brain.



To be continued…





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