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Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest (and a white gerbil) has brought Skipper, an expert in Habit Formulation and Implementation (and a chipmunk), to Betsy’s brain to convince Betsy that not only are goals and habits good, but she needs some.  Betsy allows as how she doesn’t like goals because she never achieves them and that makes her feel like a loser.  And why should she make herself feel like a loser when so many people are willing to do it for her?

But Skipper hasn’t given up yet.  After taking a quick break to do research and for some, er, liquid refreshment, she’s back and better than ever.

Good luck, Skipper!  Let’s see how things are going…


*Betsy enters her brain and walks into Harry’s office*  Harry?  Skipper?  Where are you guys?

Oh, hey.  There you are.  *Harry sits up on top of his gerbil habitat* *waves*

I didn’t see much of you last week.  I was afraid you’d gone one another bender *Betsy walks over to the habitat*

Nah.  *Harry flaps paw*  That was Skipper.

Skipper!  *Betsy stares at him*  Skipper got drunk?

Yup.  *Harry shakes head sadly*  She was so distraught  over the whole goal thing that she dove right into that sewer section of your mind to drown her troubles.  Got into the peanut wine.  It was ugly.

Oh.  *Betsy shifts uncomfortably*  I thought I’d cleaned up that sewer section.

*Harry snorts* Right.  

Here I am!  *Skipper jumps into Harry’s office*  *Does series of handsprings across floor of brain* *Jumps high with paws above head*  Go! Team! Goals!  Goooooo Habits!

*Betsy watches her* *shakes head*   Wow.  I thought Harry said you were depressed.  You sure have a lot more energy now than the last time I saw you.

*Skipper runs up gerbil habitat and sits next to Harry*  Last time I was trying to be all mature and stuff.  Yuk!  *Makes face*  I need to be who I really am, you know?  And this is it!

I kind of liked mature Skipper.

“Skipper ignores her*  See, that’s the main goal in life – to be who you really are.  To be authentic and not just what you think you should be or what somebody else wants you to be.  For other goals to be meaningful, they have to feed into that.  One goal to rule them all!

All right.  *Betsy shrugs*

*Skipper settles back on haunches*  I’ve been poking around in your brain a lot this week.

Oh.  *Betsy winces* Sorry.

So you say you want to write.

*Betsy glances at Harry*  She just figured this out?

*Harry shrugs*

*Skipper snaps paw to get Betsy’s attention*  Listen to me.  When you say “I want to write” that’s a dream.  It’s wishy-washy, comes and goes… Oooo I want to write…I want to drive a race car….I want to be an astronaut…I want to kiss Bradley Cooper….

Well, as to that–

A dream is a good start, but it doesn’t have any meat.  It’s just your brain sloshing back and forth like one of those lava lamps.

*Harry sighs* I love those things.

So first you have to think about WHY you want to write.  What are you hoping to get out of it?

Well…*Betsy frowns*  I want to tell stories and…entertain people.  Wait, Harry and I went through all of that in another blog post.

I know. *Skipper nods*  And you estabished the goal of becoming a successful independent authorpreneur.  How will you know if you’re successful?  How do you define it?

Um…*Betsy glances at Harry*  I think I said that in another blog post too.  My definition of success is to write consistently and publish regularly.  I mean, yeah, I’d like to make money – who wouldn’t?  But what makes me feel most…complete is telling stories.

There!  *Skipper throws paws in the air*  And just like that, we have a major goal and our first habit.  Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to be a successful independent authorpreneur.   The first habit you need to establish is to write consistently.

*Betsy looks at Harry*  Are you paying her for this?

Now.  *Skipper gets up and begins to pace*  Your other goals have to lead up to the main one.  Where do you want to be in five years?  In three years?  In one year?  At the end of this year?   You will be an independent authorpreneur.  To do that, you will publish such and such number of books within the next year, two years, three years.  *she whirls on Betsy* *points* because your definition of success is to write a lot and publish a lot.

Yes.  *Betsy nods* But I also have to market–

Eh!  *Skipper slashes a paw through the air*  That may be true, but it will be secondary.  Because your goal is to be a successful independent authorpreneur, and your definition of success is to write a lot and publish a lot.

Okay. *Betsy nods slowly*  I think I understand.  My goals have to reflect me, who I am, what’s important to me.  I’m the only one who can decide if I’ve achieved my goals, so I’m the one who has to decide what will determine whether or not I’m a success.

Right!  *Skipper leaps up into the air*  *Does a split*

Jeeze.  *Harry gapes at her*

So now this week, what are you going to do? *Skipper points at Betsy*

Um… *Betsy’s eyes jitter nervously*

You’re going to write!  *Skipper throws her paws into the air*  When are you going to do it?

Um…now?  *Betsy raises her hands to shoulder-height*

Exactly!  That’s your first habit, the foundation goal essential to achieving all of your other goals.  Your initial goal is to write every day.  *Skipper puts her paws on her hips*  CAN YOU DO IT?

YES!  *Betsy jumps into air*  *Brain sloshes when she lands*

Then get out there, do it, and report back to me.  Make me proud!  Win one for the Skipper!

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!  *Betsy goes thundering out of brain*

*Harry turns to Skipper*  You just couldn’t resist, could you?

Eh.  *Skipper settles back* *winks at Harry*  Why don’t you go get me some peanuts, lovebug.


To be continued….



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