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Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to be an indie author/publisher, has discovered that Betsy and her Muse are almost finished the first draft of her book.  This is a good thing.  What Harry finds a little disturbing is the fact that Betsy wrote much of the second half of the first draft of the book in longhand.  Like on paper.  With a pen.  And now it will have to be typed in.

This gave Harry a little pause (as opposed to little paws – he already has those), but he’s gotten over it.  Mostly.  Now he wants to find out where Betsy and her Muse are planning on taking her writing in the future.  Is this first draft going to be it?  Do they have any further plans?  Has Betsy thought ahead at all?  Does Betsy even have a clue?

Let us rejoin the conversation between Betsy, Harry, and the Muse, in the lushly appointed office Harry has set up for himself in Betsy’s brain to find out…. 


Okay.  *Harry nods*  Let’s talk about plans for the next steps after the book is finished.

Aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves?  *Betsy looks skeptical*

Nah.  We need to think about these things.  *Harry flaps paw*  I mean, yeah, you need to concentrate on getting this book all the way finished.  But where do we go next?  Do you have any plans?

Well. *Betsy exchanges look with Muse*  I’m planning to live my life my own way and show my body some respect?

With your WRITING. *Harry sits on the edge of the coffee table*  What’s next for your WRITING?

Oh.  Writing.  *Betsy looks eager*  Well, Muse and I HAVE been making plans for the writing.

Awesome.  *Harry swings foot* Talk to me.

Oh! *Muse leans forward* It’s so exciting.  See, this book we’re finishing now is supposed to be the first book of a series.

Yes!  *Betsy leans forward too*  And not only because I wanted to write a series, but because people love to read a series, especially in romance.  They love getting to know the characters and seeing them in future books.

So we decided this would be the first of at least seven, right?  *Muse looks to Betsy*

*Betsy nods* At least seven.  But I’d like it if we could stay in this world for a lot longer than that.  We even have titles for the next two books and we’re doing world building, and–

*Muse jumps in*  And I’m coming up with the plot for the next book.  Actually, I have the basics for the next couple of books and–

*Betsy interrupts*  And I’m charting out characters and the town this book is set in so we can tie in some short stories, and–

*Muse claps her hands* Oh, and I’m working on the story arcs that are going to go through the series.  There’s one major arc, but I think we’ll have several, don’t you? *Looks at Betsy*

*Betsy nods*  Yes, based on what I see in the first book there will be several.  But you know, we have to consider–

Okay, okay.  *Harry waves paws to stop them*  That’s great.  Just the kind of planning I like to see.  *Looks sternly at Betsy*  You know the problems you ran into before when you tried to write a series.

Yeah, but I’ve learned.  *Betsy perches on edge of sofa*  See, with Hold Me, I had like a vague idea about what I wanted to do in a series, but I never thought about details.  Then I took out some characters who would have been important in the future and I didn’t know where to go after that.  But this time I know that you need to plan for a series in the first book.  So I’m building that in.  I know I have to do all of this planning now and really chart out the first couple of books or I’ll get stuck again

We still have a lot of work to do. *Muse tugs at her chin*  It’s not finished by any means.

*Betsy holds up finger to stop her*  But we’ll have time after the first draft is finished to work on some of this.

Good, good.  *Harry stands*  I like it that you’re thinking ahead.

Well, because I have to.  And now that I know it’s a series, I have the hero and heroine for the second book being introduced in the first book.  And the leads for future books are there too.  I didn’t do that kind of stuff with Hold Me.

*Muse pats Betsy’s hand*  Newbie mistake.

*Betsy grimaces*  Yeah.  Just one of many.  But knowing I need to think about these things now is helping me plant the seeds for future books.

*Muse chair dances*  Yay!  Future books! 

*Harry begins to pace*  I really like this new can-do attitude, I must say.

*Betsy blushes*  Thanks.

I’ll tell you what.  *Harry turns to her*  You guys keep up with the writing.  I’m going to go out and surf around, talk to my fellow Guides, and come up with a list of other things we need to consider as we move forward.

*Betsy looks at Muse*  *Looks back at Harry*  Other things?

You want to be an indie author.  There are a ton of other things you’re going to need to know and plan for.  We need to figure out what they are so you can work them into your writing schedule.

O-okay.  *Betsy looks a little intimidated*

Don’t worry about it.  *Harry waves away her concern*  You guys finish that darn book.  I’ll go see what I can see.  Then we’ll get back together and discuss.  Now, get going!  *Harry strides back to gerbil habitat*

Who does he think he is? *Muse whispers in Betsy’s ear*

I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s Patton.  *Betsy sighs*  *stands*  Okay, Muse.  Let’s get writing.

Yay!  *Muse dances out of post*

Yay.  *Betsy follows*


To be continued…


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