Which Do You Want More?

A lot of times the question I’m asking isn’t “what do you want?” It’s “which one do you want MORE?”

For example:

“Do you want to buy a new car? Or do you want to be out of debt? Which do you want more?”

“Do you want to eat a baked good? Or do you want to be fit? Which do you want more?”

“Do you want to watch the Kitten Cam? Or do you want to push forward on your book? Which do you want more?”

And the problem I run into is I don’t want either of them more. I just want them both.

In other words,
“Do you want to play solitaire or do you want to write?”
“Do you want to shop at the Best Buy or do you want to pay down your credit card?”
“Do you want to have pizza or would you rather have low blood sugar?”

I think you can see where this line of thinking can cause some issues.

The problem is, when I ask the question “which do you want more?” the thing I actually WANT more is the thing that will not take me to a better place. And yet I know I shouldn’t want it, I know I should want the other, better thing, even though I don’t. So asking which I want more just leads me to answer “yes”

I guess the question should be not “which do you WANT more?” but “which do you NEED more?” Much though I might rationalize needing a bagel (hey, I can rationalize any baked good), I know I need to be healthy more.

So, I guess I’ll try to change the question I’m asking, because answering “yes” to “which do you want more”, just leads to inertia.  And I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been inert long enough.

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