The Quest

Betsy is on a Quest.  To reach the unreachable star.  No matter how hopeless.  No matter how far.  In short, to write productively and well and to become a successful indie authorpreneur (“success” as defined by, well, Betsy).  She has a Guide for her Quest – a white rabbit (who was once a white gerbil) named Harry.  Join us as Betsy’s Quest takes over her blog and leads her down many a twisted and winding path.  It’s turning out to be quite an exciting adventure, complete with villains and heroes.  And perhaps a little coffee.

Following are all of the posts for the Quest gathered together on one page for your reading pleasure.  They are in reverse order with the newest posts first, so you’ll have to start at the bottom and work your way up if you want to read them in order.  Enjoy!

When we last left Betsy, she had fallen while trying to climb the hill of her aspirations, tripped by an unexpected mundane world disruption.  This was a disruption she should have seen coming—in fact, she DID see it coming—but she tripped on it anyway.  And when Betsy face-planted on the hill, she dropped the boulder of her work in progress which she had been carrying to the top.  The boulder flew into the air, … (read more…)

When we last left Betsy, she had climbed the first mountain—well, hill—on her road to regaining her lost momentum. Not only that, but the Muse had returned! Everything was coming up roses! Hoorah!

But then the blog went silent for a few weeks, and you know as well as I do THAT’S not a good sign. So now let us rejoin Betsy, struggling writer, Harry, the white rabbit who is the Guide on Betsy’s Quest to become a successful independent author, and the Muse, who needs no introduction, to find out … (read more…)

When we last left Betsy, she was pushing a boulder up a hill, struggling to gain some of the momentum she’d lost over the last few difficult and stressful months. Harry, the white rabbit who is the Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent author, was pointing out yet again that she would not be doing herself any favors if she decided to stop, no matter how hard it was to keep going.

Last week the blog was silent again, but was that a good or a bad sign? Is Betsy still … (read more…)

When last we left Betsy she was with Harry, the white rabbit who is the Guide for her Quest to become a successful independent author. Because being a successful independent author means, well, writing, Betsy was trying to regain her momentum, trying to get moving again, trying to push a boulder up a very steep mountain. Harry was watching her.

But now, while Harry hopped off to get a salad, it seems that Betsy has frozen in mid-push. She is part way up the mountain, still, not moving forward, … (read more…)

When we last left Betsy, she was ready to start again after a particularly difficult year. But it doesn’t bode well that the blog was silent last week, does it?

As we join her and Harry, the white rabbit who is her Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent author, we find them standing at the foot of a tall mountain gazing up at an extremely heavy boulder. What is going on?

(read more…)

When we last left Betsy, she was dealing with some difficult situations in her life. These included the loss of her beloved mother, a severely broken ankle resulting in months of recovery, and the company she worked for being sold, causing an employment shakeup. It’s been quite a year!

Still, it’s been unnervingly silent around Betsy’s brain – the caverns and rooms echoing, the dust gathering. The Muse has conspicuously absent and even Harry, the white rabbit who is Betsy’s Guide on her … (read more…)

When we last left Betsy, she was actually moving forward in her Quest. She was medicated and motivated.

But then March happened, and everything changed.

Now things are quiet. But is this just a healing sleep? Or is it a sleep that will last for a lot longer? Will Betsy ever wake up again? The Muse has decided to take matters into her own hands.

Let’s see what’s going on…

(read more…)

The Muse and Betsy are sitting cross-legged in a meadow on the top of a mountain looking off into the distance. It’s foggy all around them, with only the occasional mountain peak showing through the gray clouds. There are no paths, no cities, no evidence of anyone other than themselves. In every direction Betsy looks, there is only fog and a mountain peak or two.

Betsy shifts on her bum and puts her hands deep into the grass so that she feels like she has something to hold onto.  Honestly, she would much … (read more…)

Although it’s been a little while since we’ve checked in on Betsy’s Quest to be a successful independent author, rest assured her wheels have continued to spin and, indeed, run off the rails. You may remember that Harry, the Guide for Betsy’s Quest, was recently upgraded from a white gerbil to the more traditional white rabbit, and he is desperately trying to live up to his new status. Thus, he made the mistake of pointing out to Betsy the fact that, as she now actually has several books published and available, she needs to start finding more people who’d … (read more…)

When last we left Betsy, she had just sent her most recent book off to the editor and first readers for editing and first reading, respectively.  For those of you who care, this means Betsy’s scheduling and timing are for crap, since those tasks really should be done in order, as opposed to simultaneously.  Which means Betsy will have a heck of a mess on her hands when she tries to sort it all out later.

But is that not the story of Betsy’s life?

Yes. Yes, it … (read more…)

As we join Betsy, she is sitting behind her desk in her office in her brain, waiting. She’s known that she needed to have this conversation for weeks, but she kept putting it off, hoping against hope she wouldn’t have to go there. After all, how can she friendzone someone she loves so very much? How can she walk away from him? How can she intentionally distance herself from him? Her heart feels heavy in her chest.

On the other hand, her heart is also beating pretty rapidly. Which isn’t exactly…good. And … (read more…)

When last we heard from Betsy, she was sounding very determined.  And then she vanished from the face of the earth for several weeks.  If you know anything about Betsy, you know that this is definitely not a good sign.  Why it’s almost as if she was trying to ignore flaws and cracks and crevices that were widening and becoming catastrophic and then it all exploded in her face!

Uh oh.  We’d better see what’s … (read more…)

Once Upon A Time, not so very long ago (this afternoon, in fact), there was a girl named Betsy who was sitting in front of her computer desperately seeking a blog post.

Betsy strove mightily to put out a blog post at least once a week. But, alas, The Sickness had descended upon her and hit her and knocked her asunder for several weeks and so she flaileth.

And, lo, The Sickness had been a mighty and terrible foe, but Betsy had at last fought it into a corner and was now struggling to pick up her life again.  Verily, she hath … (read more…)

As we all know, Betsy is flailing around like a sock puppet trying to be a successful independent author / publisher. That’s not new. But now she has goals AND a production schedule. She seems to actually be interested in taking her game to the next level.

However, Skipper, a chipmunk who is a Habit Implementation Specialist sent by the Muse Council to help Betsy develop and meet her goals, has asked Betsy to come see her in her office in Betsy’s brain. Whatever can she want? Isn’t she satisfied with the progress … (read more…)

If you’ve read the last blog post, you know that Betsy was recently wracked with doubt, uncertainty and fear – helped along by the Dark Voice that whispers through her brain.  She did manage to vanquish her foe, but it was a near thing.

Now Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest, and a white rabbit, has asked her to meet with him for some reason.  The last time we saw Harry he was (read more…)

As we rejoin Betsy’s blog, winds are whispering through Betsy’s brain.  These are the winds of fear.  Of doubt.  Of unbelief.  They are the winds of the Dark Voice, awakened from its slumber.  They blow through the corridors, seep under doors, bang through windows, coat everything they touch with black fog.

Although the Dark Voice never really leaves, it often lies dormant, waiting.  Betsy didn’t realize it was awake again, not right away.  Not until the winds blew her off balance and the … (read more…)

If you’ve been reading Betsy’s Blog, you know that Betsy is on a Quest to become a successful independent author.  And, as is true of all Quests, she has a Guide.  His name is Harry, and he was sent by the Muse Council to help Betsy stay on her path.  Harry has taken up residence in Betsy’s brain, which is fine because there’s a lot of vacancy in there.

However, Harry has had a problem with his situation.  He was a white gerbil.  Not a white stag or a white rabbit, as is traditional for Guides. … (read more…)

Setting – Christmas evening, inside Betsy’s brain

Our Cast of Characters – 

Betsy – your humble author

Skipper – a chipmunk and Habit Implementation Specialist sent by the Muse Council to help Betsy develop good habits.

(read more…)

boulderWhen we left Betsy many weeks ago, she was staring at the shining cities of the story worlds she was creating.  Harry, the white gerbil who is the Guide on Betsy’s Quest to become a successful independent author, was with her.  Harry wants to upgrade from white gerbil to white hare or even a white stag, and he was very excited to announce that his tail had transformed from a … (read more…)

questWelcome to a wee bit of a short story, starring Betsy–a humble author, and Harry–a white gerbil who is the Guide on Betsy’s Quest to become a successful independent humble author.  Harry is on a quest of his own–he wants to transform from gerbil to white hare or even a white stag (all of the best Quests are Guided by stags).  Thus far, he is unsuccessful.

But today… today he seems different.  Jaunty, even.  And he’s dressed…weird.  Whatever is going on?

(read more…)

butterfly1When we last left Betsy and the others who live in her mind, they were lounging on a grassy pasture beside a large, placid lake, feeling a distinct lack of motivation. Then the Muse showed up and kicked their butts. Betsy’s companions – Harry, Skipper, Clara, Coffee, and the Blogosphere, have all run off to start doing whatever it is they do. Well, all except the Blogosphere, who has gone off to sulk in another corner of the Internet. But … (read more…)

unmotivatedWhen last we left Betsy and her blog, she was musing about word “can’t”. But what has she done with those thoughts? Is she moving forward? And if she is, why is she lounging on a grassy meadow beside a large, placid lake in her mind? And why are the others helping her on her Quest to become a better writer, and a better person, lounging with her? Why is Harry, the white gerbil who is the Guide for Betsy’s Quest, staring vacantly off into space?  Why is Clara, the resident dust bunny, powdering her nose and draping cobwebs on flowers?  Why … (read more…)


When last we left Betsy, she was riding high after publishing her latest book, having survived trials, tribulations, and the obsessive urge to press the “publish” button over and over again. She was even starting to think about taking control of the REST of her life. She was laughing, singing, and dancing in the privacy of her own home.

But now Betsy is sitting like a huddled mass in front of her computer screen, keening softly as she contemplates the … (read more…)

claraWhen we last left Betsy, she had just published the digital version of her newest book on all platforms and was working diligently on the print version. But publishing, as you might expect, sucks up a lot of time. What about all of the other little things you have to do in life? What about the dishes? What about vacuuming? Are those things getting done as well?

The short answer is—no.

Let’s join Betsy as Skipper, the Habit Implementation Specialist … (read more…)

HmmmPreviously on Betsy’s blog…

Betsy has just published her third book, Believing It, and the publishing experience was more than a little stressful.  Part of that has to do with the fact she decided to put the book out right when she was scrambling to finish her taxes.

But it was also stressful because Betsy can be something of an idiot.

Harry, the white Gerbil who has the unenviable task … (read more…)


As you may, or may not, know, Betsy is on a Quest to become a successful independent author / entrepreneur. Her Guide on this Quest is a white gerbil named Harry, who lives in her brain and annoys her on a regular basis.

Betsy has been known to yammer about goals and objectives here on the blog, but today she does not seem to be in her office. Her desk sits empty, the lights in her brain are dark. Where is she? What in the world is going on?

(read more…)

enterprise next generationPreviously on Betsy’s blog –

Betsy, as you may know, is on a Quest to become a successful independent author.  Harry, as you may also know, is her Guide on this Quest.  He is a white gerbil with hopes of one day upgrading to a more traditional Quest Guide form.  Maybe a white rabbit, or even a white stag.  (read more…)

threatening clouds

Uh oh.  We haven’t heard from Betsy in quite a while.  That can’t be good.  What in the world has been going on with her?  Has she fallen down a rabbit hole again?

Let’s see….


*Betsy sits alone in an empty room* *A Dark Voice echoes against the walls*

Food…spend…eat…you know you want to…

No. *Betsy shakes head to clear it*

One more time.  Trust … (read more…)

muse-Calliope*Betsy sits at her desk*  *Taps fingers on keyboard*  *Chews lip*  *Looks around room*  *Opens computer file*

Whatcha doing?

*Betsy jumps*  *Straightens in her chair*  Muse?  Is that you?

Who else?  *Muse pets cats*  *Cats do not claw, but purr and roll over to allow Muse to pet their bellies* *Muse walks over to Betsy* *Props hip against desk*  So?  What are you doing?

*Betsy … (read more…)

junglePreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy has been meeting with Skipper, a chipmunk who happens to be the best goldarned Habit and Goal Implementation Specialist the Muse Council has to offer.  In the last post, Skipper broke the news that just coming up with the fuzzy, overarching objective of “I want to write a lot of books and have people … (read more…)

cementWhen we last left Betsy’s Blog, Betsy was meeting with Skipper – chipmunk extraordinaire and Habit Implementation Specialist.  Skipper has been getting quite impatient waiting for Betsy to get off her butt and move forward (in which Skipper is not alone), and decided a little quality face-time was in order.

Although … (read more…)

37903_340As you may (or may not) know (or care), Betsy is once again striving to set goals and develop habits that will at long last move her life forward.  But in order to do this, she first needs to identify her overall objective.  Her Big Picture, if you will.  The thing towards which the goals and habits will lead.  The horizon towards which she will steer.

Because Betsy is, well, Betsy, this is much easier said … (read more…)

applauseLadies and Gentlemen!  Welcome to… Betsy’s! Got! Objectives!  Part 2. (here’s part 1) *thunderous applause*  First, let’s meet our cast of characters.  *music starts playing*

He’s a white gerbil trying to climb the Quest Guide ladder and he needs Betsy to get moving towards becoming a successful … (read more…)

fairytaleBetsy’s starship is lurching around the galaxy. THE book she’s been working on for endless millennium has been released into the wild.  So what’s next?  What path will Betsy traverse?  What mountain will she climb?  Will she lounge upon her sofa eating bon-bons? Or will she buckle down and keep moving?

Let’s see….


Our … (read more…)

Betsssssyyyyyyyy!!!!!!Previously on Betsy’s blog….

Betsy has announced that she is going to be publishing her next book on June 22nd. Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent author, has called all hands on deck to make sure Betsy doesn’t back out or screw up in … (read more…)

Enterprise-star-trek-the-original-series-4354803-1280-800Previously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy has made a decision.  I know, but it’s true!  She is going to publish her book and it will be out in eBook form on June 22nd! … (read more…)

starsAs we rejoin our story, we find Betsy and Harry, the white gerbil who is Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent author / publisher, lying on their backs in the field of waving wheat that spreads across a portion of Betsy’s brain.  They are watching the sky overhead.  As they watch, stars form and splinter apart.  Suns grow and burst.  Dreams stir.  (read more…)

bawkPreviously on Betsy’s blog…

When last we left Betsy and her Muse, it seemed they were making progress towards the ultimate goal of Betsy’s Quest.  Betsy had completed the first draft of her next book, and even took the time to evaluate her writing process in a relatively thoughtful manner.  But something appears to have happened since last we spoke.  Betsy’s brain has been ringing with … (read more…)

starsPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

In Part One of The Story of a First Draft, the Muse gave Betsy the beginning situation of her story and showed her a spotlight shining on the ending off in the distance in the darkness … (read more…)

pathsignsIf you joined us for Part One of The Story of a First Draft, you know that the Muse came to Betsy in the darkness of her mind.  Well, Betsy’s mind is generally dark (and somewhat blank), but in this case the darkness represented the story she is about to write before the writing … (read more…)

spotlightAs noted in the previous blog post, Betsy and the Muse have been taking a good hard look at how Betsy writes.  They figured that if they could see what Betsy is actually doing in her writing process, they might be able to improve it and speed things up at little bit.  After all, Betsy needs to get jiggy … (read more…)

CelebrationBetsy, Harry (the white gerbil who is the Guide for her Quest), and the Muse have decided to get together to reach out and touch base and create synergy heading into 2015. Where does Betsy stand with her writing? What are her goals for the new year? Is her Muse having an affair with Coffee?

Let’s see….

*Betsy pushes open door to Harry’s office in her brain* Hello! Is … (read more…)

starsPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy suffered a bit of a meltdown on her path to indie authorpreneurship and was sidetracked by her deep and passionate love of baked goods.  When last we met, Harry, the white gerbil who is the Guide for her Quest, lectured Betsy quite severely about the importance of maintaining her health.  He was very stern.

(read more…)

woodshedPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

As we saw in the last post, Betsy has apparently fallen into the den of her own iniquity by eating inappropriately for her diabetic condition.  Again.  In a big way.  When Harry, the Guide for Betsy’s Quest, and the Muse discuss this, Harry promises to have a little … (read more…)

lilyPreviously on Betsy’s Blog….

When last we met, all seemed to be well with Betsy.  She was happy, she was writing, and she was discussing newsletters with Harry, the white gerbil who is the Guide on her Quest.  She’s on her way, right?  Sure, there have been some bobbles, but there is no way in heck Betsy’s going to fall off her path again, not now that she is positive it is where she … (read more…)

nutsandboltsPreviously on Betsy’s Blog –

In a meeting with Harry, the white gerbil who is the Guide for her Quest, and Skipper, the chipmunk who is a Habit Formulation Specialist, Betsy realizes her overarching life goal is to always … (read more…)

questPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Skipper, the Habit Formulation specialist has returned.  Betsy and Quest Guide Harry  are meeting with her in Betsy’s brain to discuss how Betsy is doing in the initial implementation of her Good Habit Strategy, i.e. writing every day.  The verdict has come back – okay so far.

But … (read more…)

37903_340Previously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy and Harry, the Guide for her Quest to become a successful indie authorpreneur – and a gerbil – have been meeting with Skipper, Habit Formulation and Implementation Specialist – and a chipmunk.  Skipper has given Betsy lots of good advice, but (read more…)






The Muse was whipping my butt last night, so I didn’t have a chance to write up the next installment in the adventures of Betsy, Harry, Skipper, Muse, Dark Voice, Obsessia, Fake Harry, Coffee, Blogosphere, etc.  because I was actually working on my book.  However, since I hadn’t posted anything on … (read more…)

Two HarrysPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy and Harry, the white gerbil who is Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent authorpreneur,  have been spending quality time with Skipper, a Habit Formation and Implementation specialist sent by the International Muse Council to help Betsy develop goals and habits.  After a long and arduous process similar to birthing an … (read more…)

_full_cheerleading_clip_art_2[1]Previously on Betsy’s Blog…

Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest (and a white gerbil) has brought Skipper, an expert in Habit Formulation and Implementation (and a chipmunk), to Betsy’s brain to convince Betsy that not only are goals and habits good, but she needs some.  Betsy allows as how she doesn’t like goals because … (read more…)

skipper2Previously on Betsy’s Blog….

Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent author / entrepreneur, has just done a stint at the International Muse Council to undergo psychological testing.  But he’s back!  Better yet, he brought a friend with him – Skipper the Chipmunk, a specialist in Habit Formation and Implementation.

(read more…)

skipperPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent author / entrepreneur, has returned from a short stay with the Muse Council and he’s ready to rock and roll!  He wants to help pull Betsy out of the mire of her own neurosis, kick her in the butt, and lead her on her way down the path to success.  But to do that, he needs Betsy’s … (read more…)

Harry1Previously on Betsy’s Blog…

As you know if you’ve joined us for previous installments of The Quest, Betsy has decided to become a successful independent author / entrepreneur. Harry, a white gerbil, is her Guide on this Quest, determined to help her find her way as she navigates the confusing paths leading to her goal. Betsy is discovering (well, she already knew this, so it’s more like … (read more…)

 HarryPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Mavis, the ambassador from the International Muse Council, has come in search of Harry, Betsy’s Quest Guide, because he has not been answering Council summons.  She finds him in the gutter of Betsy’s brain, swilling orange juice (an intoxicant for the gerbil family, of which Harry is a member), and basically falling into the dark well of Betsy’s mental depravity. … (read more…)

mavisPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Although Betsy and the Muse have been hanging out regularly, Betsy hasn’t seen Harry, her Quest Guide, for a couple of days.  In fact, she hasn’t seen him since he and the Muse came to her aid when she battled Obsessia and The Dark Voice.   But Betsy’s been so busy, she didn’t notice Harry was missing until she received a summons from a familiar disembodied … (read more…)

tornadoPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy and her Muse come face to face with Obsessia.  Obsessia lives in Betsy’s brain, prodding her this way and that, directing her to travel down paths of pursuit that get her all twisted up and confused.  As Betsy realizes what’s going on and tries to follow the Muse out into more productive pathways, Obsessia calls for her boyfriend – Compulsion, aka the … (read more…)

obsessia1Previously on Betsy’s Blog…

Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest, has given her a list of things she will need to learn to be a successful indie author and she has gone off to think about them.  Betsy being Betsy, her thoughts promptly swirled into a burgeoning tornado of confusion, indecision and doubt.  But, wait – does it seem that Betsy is being prodded just a little a bit? … (read more…)

walking into computerPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…
Betsy meets with Harry, her Quest Guide, to discuss progress on her Quest.  She tells him she has finally finished the first draft of her book, but she doesn’t seem excited about it.  Turns out she’s scared because now this whole thing is getting real.  Harry talks her down off the ledge and they end up doing a … (read more…)

ClimbEveryMountainPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy is on a Quest to become an Indie Author/Publisher/Entrepreneur.  Harry, a white gerbil, is her Guide.  When last we met, Betsy and her Muse were hopped up on writing good times and heading towards finishing the first draft of the second half of the redraft of the book Betsy is writing.  While they got down to the … (read more…)

woman thinkingPreviously on Betsy’s blog…

Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to be an indie author/publisher, has discovered that Betsy and her Muse are almost finished the first draft of her book.  This is a good thing.  What Harry finds a little disturbing is the fact that Betsy wrote much of the second half of the first draft of the book in longhand.  Like on paper.  With a … (read more…)

Writing ClipartPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

To sum things up as quickly as possible:  there’s a Quest, there’s a Guide, he’s a gerbil (yeah, a gerbil), his name is Harry.  The Quest is to indie publish, Betsy’s supposed to be writing and finishing her first draft, and the Muse is cranky about schedules.  Betsy’s also managed to put together a “(read more…)

the musePreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy has set out on her Quest to become an indie author with the help of her Guide, Harry.  Although in mythology, Guides for a Quest have traditionally been a white stag or rabbit, Harry is a white gerbil.  Well, that’s just the way things go sometimes.

Thus far, Harry has proven himself to … (read more…)

threatening cloudsPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Harry, Betsy’s Quest Guide, is afraid Betsy has become derailed in her Quest to be a successful indie author.  This fear appears justified when he finds her lying in a slovenly heap in the temporal lobe of her brain, drowning her grief and sorrow in a sea of sugars, fats, and chemicals.  He tries to snap her out of … (read more…)

sugarhazePreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

When Betsy loses two of her beloved cats within six weeks of each other due to cancer, Harry, Betsy’s Quest Guide, leaves her alone for a little while to grieve.  However, when he returns to Betsy’s brain, he’s disturbed to find molecules of sugar and chemicals flying around everywhere and Betsy’s Muse sound asleep on a ratty sofa pushed into a … (read more…)

derailed_trainPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy and Harry, her Quest Guide, determined that the first step Betsy needs to take to become a successful indie author is to write more.  They also discussed Betsy’s production schedule and decided Betsy would finish the first draft of her work in progress by May 11.  Unfortunately, in the meantime Betsy experienced a (read more…)

Making the donutsPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy has had several conversations with Harry, the mythical creature sent by the International Muse Council to guide her towards her dreams.  Harry happens to be a white gerbil with aspirations for a promotion.  Surprisingly, he’s also proving to be quite a bit of help. He has already helped Betsy identify the goal of her … (read more…)

dizzy computerPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy met an albino gerbil named Harry, who just happens to be her official Guide for her Quest. The problem? She didn’t know what her Quest was! Although Harry was disgusted by this lack of self-awareness, he helped her weed through her writing goals to see what she really wants to accomplish. With Harry’s help, Betsy realized she wants to … (read more…)



Previously on Betsy’s Blog….

Harry, Betsy’s albino gerbil Quest Guide, has sent Betsy away to think about her writing.  They need to identify the true nature of her quest before they set out.  Otherwise how will they know when they get there?  Now, after a short break for Easter, they’ve gotten together again and are sitting together on the Ikea sofa in Betsy’s brain … (read more…)

harryOur story thus far….

Mavis, Betsy’s inner Mary-Poppins-like career consultant sent by the International Muse Council, has determined that Betsy will be too much work. However, before she flies off into the sunset, she provides Betsy with another Guide – a white gerbil named Harry. Yes, whereas in mythology most seekers setting out on life-altering quests are led by a white stag or a … (read more…)

carpet bagAs we resume our story, we find Betsy wandering aimlessly through her brain, wondering if Mavis, the elderly Mary-Poppins-like career consultant who visited her on Wednesday as a voice in her head sent by the International Muse Council (see this post for details), will return as promised….(read more…)

mavisHello, dear.

I…hello?  Who are you?

I’m Mavis, dear.

No…I mean…it’s nice to meet you, but who ARE you?  And why are you talking to me?

I’m a consultant, dear.

I have a consultant who’s a voice in my head.

Yes, dear.

Wow.  I’m more screwed up than I thought I … (read more…)

hello, blogosphere


Blogosphere,  I know you’re there.  *touches door closed in her face*

*crickets chirp*

I had a good excuse for not blogging this time.  I did.  It was a very rough winter.

*wind whistles through trees*

I honestly didn’t have … (read more…)