Hello! My name is Betsy and I’m a romance author. I write tales that are jammed packed full of love – heavy on the contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Even my occasional odes to coffee are brimming with love. And caffeine. And love of caffeine.

This is my home away from home and the place to get news about my current releases, and enjoy free short stories. If that’s not exciting enough, you can come read my blog too!. I like to talk to the Blogosphere.  And my Muse.  And Coffee. And yeah, I also talk about my journey travelling down the writing road.  In the future, I’ll be sharing my experiences as I dive headfirst into the wild wacky world of indie publishing.  Think of it as watching a reality show – romance author edition.

So come on in, click on a tab and stay for a spell. It’s good to see you!