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Bonus materials relating to the Hardy Falls series

Here are links to all of the stories, vignettes, and Hardy Falls Gazette articles appearing in Betsy’s newsletter to date related to the Hardy Falls series of books.  Events in these stories and articles influence, and are influenced by, events in the books (although you certainly don’t need to read them to understand what’s going on).

These are listed as they fall into the timeline of the series, to help give you an idea of where they fit in the books.


Hardy Falls Year One

Beware of Author

911 call leads to an unexpected arrest

BELIEVING LOVE  (takes place in June, Year 1)

Buying and Selling With Beecher

Beecher Connections

HANDLING LOVE  (takes place in September, Year 1)

Bigfoot Comes To Hardy Falls

Monster Mashup At Halloween Parade

TRUSTING LOVE  (takes place in October / November, Year 1)

Surprise Winner In Mayoral Race

Holiday Turkey Surprise

Giving Thanks at the Sunnyside Diner

EXPECTING LOVE  (takes place in December, Year 1)

NEW–> Making Christmas Memories  <–NEW

Hardy Falls Year Two

Unexpected Participant Crashes Polar Bear Plunge (crossover with Hold Me)

Mayor Trueloves Inauguration Is All Wet

Valentine’s Day Surprise Leads To Emergency Room Visit

Sibling Rivalry Explodes At Valentine Day Dance

The Fastnacht Brigade

Pet Store Panic

CHOOSING LOVE  (takes place March/April, Year 2)

STARTING SOMETHING – Sophie and Noah Book 1 (Free Novella – Click here to download)  (takes place April thru July, Year 2)

Former Mayor Throws First Pitch

State Police Called After Mannequin Masquerade

Laying It Out

MARRYING LOVE Coming soon!  (will take place April / May, Year 2)

Community Comes Together To Raise Barn

Fourth of July Celebration Ends With A Bang

Maybe – Maybe Not

Mayor’s Husband Arrested For Drunk and Disorderly Conduct

Town Gathers for Veterans Memorial Rededication

THE GIFT – A “Sophie and Noah” free short story (Click HERE to download) (takes place in December, Year 2)